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Modeling efforts have been directed towards the application of the model to the estimation of biogases atmospheric fluxes, with special emphasis on nitrogenous compounds (NH3, N2O). Estimates of N2O production are derived from the nitrification processes in the water column. C...
Programme: FP3-MAST 2
Record Number: 24458
Last updated on: 2000-05-16
[REPORT SUMMARY] Estuarine methodologies
Summary: Estuaries are characterized by some physical and chemical properties (e.g. strong physico-chemical gradients, high level of suspended matter) and some usual techniques cannot be applied as 'simply' in seawater. Within the project, some analytical techniques have been ...
Programme: FP3-MAST 2
Record Number: 24459
Last updated on: 2000-05-16
The distribution of several biogases has been studied in nine European Atlantic estuaries. The project will provide a first estimate on atmospheric biogas emission at the continental scale. These data can be included in global databases in order to refine global budgets. The r...
Programme: FP3-MAST 2
Record Number: 24456
Last updated on: 2000-05-16
Numerical models for Regions of Freshwater Influence (ROFI) have been tested involving physical processes controlling water-property distributions, suspended sediments and microbiology. A fully-coupled 3-dimensional prognostic model was developed and tested. It has high resolu...
Programme: FP3-MAST 2
Record Number: 20515
Last updated on: 2001-07-09
Full scale data from in-service rubble mound breakwaters have long been recognized as the missing link to a better understanding of wave energy dissipation in different parts of the structure. The data can also be used to improve existing design methods. An investigation was m...
Programme: FP3-MAST 2
Record Number: 20355
Last updated on: 1998-06-12
The team has developed a novel image analysis system, that can be trained to categorise images of natural objects. The work has focused on developing robust visual categorisation methods for use with natural objects. Its operation is based loosely on current theories of mammal...
Programme: FP3-MAST 2
Record Number: 21666
Last updated on: 1998-11-04
A multi-disciplinary study of the Middlekerke Bank system off the Belgium coastline has revealed new scientific findings about the system and its interaction with the environment. Use has been made of advanced computer models and especially advanced field data, which was colle...
Programme: FP3-MAST 2
Record Number: 20798
Last updated on: 1998-07-29
The underwater vehicle which has now been developed is designed to manoeuvre at depths of up to 600 m. The project team has developed the vehicle’s positioning system that runs on a real-time operating system. A communications system between the submarine and its support vesse...
Programme: FP3-MAST 2
Record Number: 18581
Last updated on: 1998-01-27
Automatic water monitoring systems presently suffer from some important limitations. The most important of these is the small number of measured or measurable parameters and in particular the difficulty of carrying out accurate measurements of pollutants in general. The aim of...
Programme: FP3-MAST 2
Record Number: 21131
Last updated on: 2005-05-16
Estuaries are extremely dynamic systems usually characterized by strong physico-chemical gradients, enhanced biological activity (both heterotrophic and autotrophic) and intense sedimentation and resuspension. Profound changes are observed in the speciation of organic and inor...
Programme: FP3-MAST 2
Record Number: 24457
Last updated on: 2000-05-16
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