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The workplace air sampling project was intended to evaluate and improve personal sampling methods used to detect harmful toxic organic compounds in occupational hygiene environments. Errors of both the sampling and analytical step of the measurement procedure were quantified....
Programme: FP3-MAT
Record Number: 23497
Last updated on: 1999-12-02
The two main aims of this project, the minimization of sensitivity to transported dust and the minimization of gas property variation, has resulted in a new generation of gas flow meters without filters and smaller than the first generation. Due to this, a gas meter without fi...
Programme: FP3-MAT
Record Number: 20303
Last updated on: 2001-07-09
Several types of humid air generators are used in Europe. Humid air generators represent a less expensive and less complicated method for calibrating dew point transfer standards and industrial hygrometers. The different methods work in the principle of saturating air, regul...
Programme: FP3-MAT
Record Number: 23500
Last updated on: 1999-12-02
The report describes the preparation of two lyophilized mussel reference materials and the certification of the mass fractions of saxitoxin and dc-saxitoxin in these materials. Saxitoxin and dc-saxitoxin belong to the group of the Paralytic Shellfish Poisons (PSP). In addition...
Programme: FP3-MAT
Record Number: 23503
Last updated on: 1999-12-02
General Information : The ultimate goal is the development of a Total Chemical Analysis System (TAS) incorporating integrated biosensor arrays for detection for clinical and industrial purposes. The initial objective is to design a new instrumental approach by producing a func...
Programme: FP3-MAT
Record Number: 21683
Last updated on: 1998-11-04
Metallurgical coke is a vital raw material in the industrial activities of the European Community. Despite recent technological advances, it remains an essential component of the blast-furnace iron making process, itself the basis of a large part of the steel making industry. ...
Programme: FP3-MAT
Record Number: 23490
Last updated on: 1999-12-02
General Information : The main aims of the project are: - To improve the state of the art of Se-specification analyses in water and fish samples for Se(IV) and Se(VI), by organizing one intercomparison. - To prepare two batches of candidate certified reference materials (CRMs...
Programme: FP3-MAT
Record Number: 23507
Last updated on: 1999-12-02
The total content of heavy metals in soils and sediments gives poor information on the effect of these pollutants in the environment as their mobility depends strongly on their specific chemical forms or ways of binding. In practice, the determination of operationally defined ...
Programme: FP3-MAT
Record Number: 23496
Last updated on: 1999-12-02
The objectives of the contractors were to develop, on the basis of the various and widely different procedures currently available in Europe, and in cooperation with CEN TC 104 ("building materials") and TC 292 ("water characterization") a procedure for the evaluation of the l...
Programme: FP3-MAT
Record Number: 23487
Last updated on: 1999-12-02
The aim of this project was to develop, for on-line spectroscopic measurement, in more remote locations such as mining, nuclear and petrochemical plants, a small, compact, portable, rugged and essentially inexpensive spectrophotometer. The project has established the design a...
Programme: FP3-MAT
Record Number: 23484
Last updated on: 1999-12-02
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