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The main objective of this collaborative project was to produce in the laboratory a few well characterised neutron fields that replicate typical spectral fluence distributions encountered in radiation protection practice. The project consisted of four distinct parts, namely: t...
Programme: FP3-NFS 1
Record Number: 7781
Last updated on: 1998-01-15
COSYMA is a probabilistic accident consequence assessment (ACA) system, which has been developed for use in calculating the risk posed by potential nuclear accidents taking into account the range of conditions which may prevail at the time of the accident. It can be used for d...
Programme: FP3-NFS 1
Record Number: 10414
Last updated on: 1998-02-05
The primary objective of the Union Internationale des Radioecologists (UIR) remains the exchange of information in the field of radioecology and related subject areas particularly in relation to major (accidental) releases of radioactive materials. This objective is not restri...
Programme: FP3-NFS 1
Record Number: 7784
Last updated on: 1998-02-05
[PROJECT] AMS - Accident Management Support
ID: FI3S0008
Start date: 1993-06-01, End date: 1995-06-30
In order to be able to control and mitigate an accident, the operators should have at any time a realistic and correct picture of the accident and its progress. Hence signal validation is a main issue under severe accident conditions, especially if instruments are working beyo...
Programme: FP3-NFS 1
Record Number: 6031
Last updated on: 1996-01-09
ID: FI3P0026
Start date: 1992-09-01, End date: 1995-09-30
Different systems of detectors for the measurement of high and low energy neutrons were set up and calibrated. As a result of this work, it was concluded that a passive multidetector stack would provide a simple method for measurement of the different components of the radiat...
Programme: FP3-NFS 1
Record Number: 4872
Last updated on: 1992-12-04
ID: FI3P0006
Start date: 1992-09-01, End date: 1995-06-30
One goal of radiation protection is to predict the risks to humans from ingested radionuclides. Reliable predictions can only be accomplished by understanding the kinetic processes affecting the transfer of radionuclides through the environment. Historically, most predictions...
Programme: FP3-NFS 1
Record Number: 4860
Last updated on: 1992-12-04
ID: FI3P0021
Start date: 1992-09-01, End date: 1995-06-30
Important developments have been performed during the progress of the project. This was due mainly to the fruitful collaboration established between the two partners involved. Significant methodological improvements were performed on different topics: - the metrology of ra...
Programme: FP3-NFS 1
Record Number: 4870
Last updated on: 1992-12-04
ID: FI3S0009
Start date: 1993-12-01, End date: 1995-06-30
Overall Strategy A strategy for source term work within the European Union has been formulated based on the optimum use of facilities and resources. Plant Assessment Probabilistic safety assessments have been conducted for commercial plant to highlight the radionuclides...
Programme: FP3-NFS 1
Record Number: 18001
Last updated on: 1994-01-18
ID: FI3P0055
Start date: 1992-09-01, End date: 1995-06-30
Our project has critically addressed the relevance of the laboratory mammal experimental results by identifying the mechanisms leading to radiation induced mutations which, should they occur in a human population, would result in a deleterious phenotype, as well as a direct a...
Programme: FP3-NFS 1
Record Number: 4899
Last updated on: 1992-12-04
ID: FI3S0005
Start date: 1992-12-01, End date: 1995-06-30
Extended studies on the safety of LWRs have emphasized the important role of ex-vessel melt behaviour during postulated severe core meltdown accidents. There is a potential for erosion of the sacrificial layer and/or of the concrete basemat with the possibility of basemat pene...
Programme: FP3-NFS 1
Record Number: 5394
Last updated on: 1996-01-09
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