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The potential for mobility and local freight services was evaluated against three future scenarios. The results of the data analysis, the scenarios process, and mobility service assessment all provide valuable insight. The project achieved its objectives by exploring the commo...
Programme: FP4-TRANSPORT
Record Number: 24193
Last updated on: 2000-03-27
The following are the primary conclusions from the project: - The consortium achieved a positive response from a broad spectrum of potential customers to the ideas developed during the project. Several volunteered to participate in more detailed analyses. A lack of consensus w...
Programme: FP4-TRANSPORT
Record Number: 23011
Last updated on: 1999-08-06
INFOSTAT is born from the premises that no adequate statistical tool exists at the European level which provides decision-makers with appropriate information in the field of transport and policy. The INFOSTAT study is to prepare the framework of statistics of a European Transp...
Programme: FP4-TRANSPORT
Record Number: 22631
Last updated on: 1999-06-09
The objective of the TRENEN II STRAN project is the development of strategic models for the assessment of pricing reform in transportation, and their application to the European Union. The strategic models are designed to analyse two types of policy problems. The first problem...
Programme: FP4-TRANSPORT
Record Number: 23014
Last updated on: 1999-08-06
[PROJECT] INFOSTAT - Information systems
ID: ST-95-RS.0108
Start date: 1996-03-21, End date: 1997-09-20
The main objective of the project is to develop a methodology for establishing transport databases and information systems required for strategic transport planning at European level, and which will serve DG VII as a basis for Strategic decisions. This information system shoul...
Programme: FP4-TRANSPORT
Record Number: 32404
Last updated on: 2000-10-20
ID: RA-96-RS.1076
Start date: 1997-01-01, End date: 1998-12-31
The main objective of LIBERAIL is to make manifest the new potential of rail transport under the influence of liberalisation of the use of infrastructure. The overall workplan consists of five main tasks as follows: Task 1: Analyse the consequences of implementing Directive 91...
Programme: FP4-TRANSPORT
Record Number: 37330
Last updated on: 2002-10-21
ID: IN-96-SC.1087
Start date: 1997-06-01, End date: 1999-05-31
The main objective of IMPREND is the improvement of pre- and end-haulage at terminals, achieved by defining and testing a number of formulas on how to improve pre- and end-haulage. The project consists of four phases. In the first, the present situation with regard to pre- and...
Programme: FP4-TRANSPORT
Record Number: 37333
Last updated on: 1998-09-30
The EURICE project is fundamentally aimed at carrying out a co-ordinate effort in Europe to examine current aircraft icing problems and the related certification process, operation procedures and flight standards. In principle the results of this research could be used as a sc...
Programme: FP4-TRANSPORT
Record Number: 22630
Last updated on: 1999-06-09
ID: ST-96-RS.1138
Start date: 1997-01-01, End date: 1998-12-31
The objective of the research is the development and implementation of the software structure supporting the European Transport Information System (ETIS). This structure is understood as an open network of descentralised applications, where none of them becomes indispensable. ...
Programme: FP4-TRANSPORT
Record Number: 37343
Last updated on: 1999-06-18
The Problem Definition work package highlighted the current and emerging trends within ATC decision support tools. The distinction between safety-net (short-term predictions) and decision support tools highlighted was important because it directed the focus of the analysis int...
Programme: FP4-TRANSPORT
Record Number: 22632
Last updated on: 1999-06-09
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