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Bridging the gap between model predictions and observations for nuclear emergency response
There is an urgent need for developing a methodology that enables radiological advisors to use observations to update the predictions of models; hence reducing the uncertainty associated with model-based dose and consequence assessments, in the light of available monitoring da...
Programme: FP5-EAECTP C
Record Number: 34821
Last updated on: 2005-02-02
A prototype for data and information exchange for nuclear and radiological emergency response
It has been demonstrated through testing and exercises that the MODEM prototype s a technical system for efficient data and information exchange. The system has demonstrated to be capable to exchange key information identified by the project, i.e. notification, source term, me...
Programme: FP5-EAECTP C
Record Number: 40248
Last updated on: 2006-07-03
Decision analysis of clean-up actions in inhabited areas in Belgium after an accidental release of radionuclides
Within the EURATOM 5th Framework Program in the key action area of Nuclear Fission and Radiation Protection, the EVATECH project - coordinated by the Nuclear Safety and Radiation Protection Institute (STUK) in Finland, aims at the development of methods for stakeholder involve...
Programme: FP5-EAECTP C
Record Number: 40237
Last updated on: 2006-07-03
Guideline for authorities of candidate countries for improving the national regulations towards the Directive 96/29/Euratom
As part of WP3 dealing with harmonisation of legislation between “old” and “new” EU member states as well as the candidate country Romania a questionnaire sent around by the EU at the end of 2000 to collect information about the legal measures for provisions of Title VII of th...
Programme: FP5-EAECTP C
Record Number: 36133
Last updated on: 2005-04-12
Internal coherent database for the interaction of radionuclides with organic matter and clay under reducing conditions
For the purpose of geochemical modeling, high quality database is essential to avoid GIGO (Garbage In - Garbage Out). The aim is therefore to pursue a good quality chemical thermodynamic database. To that end, MOLDATA - a database intended to be specific to clay environments i...
Programme: FP5-EAECTP C
Record Number: 31825
Last updated on: 2004-02-03
TRANCOM-II: Migration case study: Transport of radionuclides in a reducing clay sediment
For deep geological disposal of radioactive waste in clay, it is essential to consider the mobility of radionuclides. This project addressed the migration behaviour of radionuclides (U, Pu, Se and Am), identified as critical by Performance Assessment, in a reducing clay enviro...
Programme: FP5-EAECTP C
Record Number: 32576
Last updated on: 2004-03-12
Conceptual model for the description of the migration of radionuclides in a reducing, organic rich clay environment that can be implemented by performance assessment
The aim is to come to conceptual models describing the migration of RN in reducing, organic, rich sediments. These models should be scientific underbuilt and directly usable for performance assessment. Status: in progress and continuously updated whenever new insights are obt...
Programme: FP5-EAECTP C
Record Number: 31824
Last updated on: 2004-02-03
Internet site with the results of the project
Emphasis is put on communication of our results to the public. In this respect an internet site will be developed. All information and data will be made available for other research teams for further interpretation, comparison, modelling. Dissemination of knowledge will furth...
Programme: FP5-EAECTP C
Record Number: 31822
Last updated on: 2004-02-03
Characterisation of the powder/pellets mixture of bentonite: hydro-mechanical properties and diffusion parameters
A granular material composed of bentonite powder mixed with high dry density bentonite pellets have been developed for sealing and backfilling purposes. Such a material has the advantage that it can be easily applied to backfill irregularly shaped volumes and that it is rather...
Programme: FP5-EAECTP C
Record Number: 29365
Last updated on: 2004-02-05
Predictive and concurrent coupled hydro-mechanical and transport numerical analyses of the in situ tests
The performed predictive and concurrent analyses of the in situ demonstration tests will increase the confidence in coupled hydro-mechanical and transport numerical analyses. Agreement between the experimental results and the calculations should confirm the good understanding ...
Programme: FP5-EAECTP C
Record Number: 29366
Last updated on: 2003-03-14
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