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Assessment of aged piping dissimilar metal weld integrity
ID: FIKS-CT-2000-00047
Start date: 2000-11-01, End date: 2003-10-31
ADIMEW will pride a unique large-scale verification of the performance of a defect-bearing dissimilar welds as found on primary circuit piping in many PWR plants. A test will be carried out on a specially prepared assembly of nuclear specification loaded at 300oC using a four ...
Programme: FP5-EAECTP C
Record Number: 52915
Last updated on: 2003-04-01
Network to review natural analogue studies and their applications to repository safety assessment and public communication
ID: FIKW-CT-2002-20204
Start date: 2003-01-01, End date: 2004-12-31
The aim of this project is to promote a more considered use of natural analogues in safety assessment and public communication. This will be achieved by a critical review of traditional analogue studies, such as investigations of radionuclide transport around uranium ore bodie...
Programme: FP5-EAECTP C
Record Number: 67692
Last updated on: 2003-04-01
A thematic network on gas issues in safety assessment of deep repositories for nuclear waste
ID: FIKW-CT-2001-20165
Start date: 2001-09-01, End date: 2004-02-29
Repositories for nuclear waste are expected to produce gases as a result of a variety of chemical, microbiological and radioactive decay processes. Assessment of the impact of the generation and migration of gas is recognised to be an important element of any safety case for t...
Programme: FP5-EAECTP C
Record Number: 58150
Last updated on: 2003-04-01
European calibration and coordination of mobile and airborne gamma spectrometry
ID: FIKR-CT-2000-20098
Start date: 2000-10-01, End date: 2003-11-30
A previous Concerted Action demonstrated the extensive capability of Airborne Gamma Spectrometry (AGS) teams within Europe to generate maps of deposition over very large areas in emergency timescales. Protocols for dose rate and radionuclide deposition mapping were produced to...
Programme: FP5-EAECTP C
Record Number: 53167
Last updated on: 2002-09-10
Testing of safety and performance indicators
ID: FIKW-CT-2000-00081
Start date: 2000-09-01, End date: 2002-11-01
Existing performance assessment studies for final repositories use only dose rates as indicators for the long-term safety. Additional information, however, could be gained from other indicators such as concentrations or release rates in specific parts of the disposal system. T...
Programme: FP5-EAECTP C
Record Number: 52875
Last updated on: 2003-08-08
Genomic instability and radiation-induced cancer
ID: FIGH-CT-1999-00003
Start date: 2000-02-01, End date: 2003-01-31
The recent discovery of radiation-induced genomic instability has raised concern for its implication in the radiation protection of the public, especially, quantification of human risk for low doses and high LET exposure. The role of radiation-induced genomic instability in ra...
Programme: FP5-EAECTP C
Record Number: 52731
Last updated on: 2002-09-10
Role of K-shell excitation in instability induction
RBEs for cell inactivation and chromosome aberrations are found strongly correlated with the yields of core events in DNA. The role of inner-shell photo ionizations in the high efficiency of heavy ions to induce chromosomal instability is questionable. Experiments on human ce...
Programme: FP5-EAECTP C
Record Number: 30683
Last updated on: 2003-10-15
Genetic variation in GI response of cultured human bladder mucosa from 300 patients
There appears to be individual patient and mouse genotypic variation in the ability of bladder tissue biopsies to produce the bystander factor. Other studies using a range of epithelial cells from normal and tumour cells indicate a wide variation both in the production of the ...
Programme: FP5-EAECTP C
Record Number: 30689
Last updated on: 2003-10-15
Identification of genes involved in genomic instability
In the mouse experiments, the work with genetic linkage analysis is on going. The current position is that at least three loci are involved in determining whether a cell apoptoses after damage. A set of irradiation-related candidate genes have been identified. Downregulation o...
Programme: FP5-EAECTP C
Record Number: 30681
Last updated on: 2003-10-15
Changes in gene expression after low dose alpha irradiation in human fibroblasts at delayed times
Early and delayed gene expression changes were detected in human fibroblast cells after high LET irradiation. Our results on alpha irradiated cells confirmed earlier findings that irradiation causes an immediate upregulation in damage and stress induced genes. Downregulation ...
Programme: FP5-EAECTP C
Record Number: 30680
Last updated on: 2003-10-15
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