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European Logic Summer School 2000
ID: HPCF-CT-2000-00255-01
Start date: 2000-07-23, End date: 2000-07-29
The European Logic Summer School will have its inaugural meeting in the year 2000 as part of the annual European Summer Meeting of the ASL (Association for Symbolic Logic). This European congress, the Logic Colloquium (LC2000 this year), is in fact the most important scientifi...
Record Number: 59563
Last updated on: 2002-08-23
Second International Conference on Intersection Theory
ID: HPCF-CT-1999-00236-01
Start date: 1999-12-14, End date: 1999-12-18
Intersection Theory is an essential part of algebraic geometry; it interacts with many other parts of mathematics, such as number theory, commutative algebra, symplectic geometry, algebraic topology and computational algebra. The purpose of this conference is to bring together...
Record Number: 59377
Last updated on: 2002-11-05
Complex Analysis and Holomorphic Dynamics
ID: HPCF-CT-1999-00054-01
Start date: 2000-06-07, End date: 2000-06-11
The topic of this PhD EuroConference are complex analysis and holomorphic dynamics of one and several complex variables. These are rapidly growing areas which go now through an especially exciting phase, and they are associated to many of the recent most remarkable development...
Record Number: 59143
Last updated on: 2002-08-23
International School on Foundations of Secure Analysis and Design
ID: HPCF-CT-2000-00027-01
Start date: 2000-09-18, End date: 2000-09-30
Security in computer systems and networks is emerging as one of the most challenging research areas for the future, as witnessed, for instance, by the new explosive emerging technologies for e-commerce. Despite of this, there is not easily accessible knowledge in this area; in...
Record Number: 59408
Last updated on: 2002-11-05
8th IFAC/IFIP/IFORS/IEA Symposium on Analysis, Design and Evaluation of Human-Machine Systems, Kassel, Germany
ID: HPCF-CT-2001-00164-01
Start date: 2001-09-18, End date: 2001-09-20
The IFAC HMS 2001 "Analysis, Design, and Evaluation of Human-Machine-Systems" is acknowledged world-wide as the premier international gathering of leading experts, industrialists and academics in the field Human-Machine-Interactions The conference provides a key forum for diss...
Record Number: 59733
Last updated on: 2002-08-23
First Euro-Mediterranean Topology Meeting
ID: HPCF-CT-1999-00066-01
Start date: 2000-07-04, End date: 2000-07-07
This project is an initiative of the Algebraic Topology teams at Barcelona, Milano and Paris. These were part of an European Network on Homotopy Theory and its Applications that started their activities in 1995 within the framework of the EC contract ERBCHRXCT940560 that laste...
Record Number: 59157
Last updated on: 2002-11-05
School on High-Dimensional Manifold Topology
ID: HPCF-CT-2000-00342-01
Start date: 2001-05-21, End date: 2001-06-08
The project aims at the promotion of research in one of the important central areas of Mathematics. The classification of manifolds has been one of the most important research areas in mathematics in the last 40 years. In the fifties and sixties a good understanding of simply ...
Record Number: 59619
Last updated on: 2002-11-05
Biomathematics Euro Summer School on
ID: HPCF-CT-2000-00411-01
Start date: 2000-09-04, End date: 2000-09-16
Spatial structures are fundamental to all areas of biology and ecology. "Spatial structures" are those biological and ecological entities whose functions depend on the spatial relationship of their components. Examples in biology include morphogenesis, pattern formation, angio...
Record Number: 59655
Last updated on: 2002-11-05
The 5th European Conference of the ESMTB on Mathematical Modelling and Computing in Biology and Medicine
ID: HPCF-CT-2001-00149-01
Start date: 2002-07-02, End date: 2002-07-06
Mathematical and theoretical biology and medicine is a diverse field in which interdisciplinary collaboration is essential for progress. The field ranges from experimental research linked to mathematical modelling to the development of more abstract mathematical frameworks in ...
Record Number: 59727
Last updated on: 2002-11-05
Euro-Workshop on Mathematical Views on Architecture, Art and Design
ID: HPCF-CT-2001-00377-01
Start date: 2002-04-09, End date: 2002-04-13
The MatOmium 2001 is an Euro-Workshop on Mathematical Views on Architecture, Art and Design. It will welcome mathematical ideas inspired by remarkable observations or sensory perceptions and vice versa real and virtual "forms" with an original mathematical interpretation. Topi...
Record Number: 59812
Last updated on: 2002-11-05
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