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Bridging Atomistic to Continuum - Multiscale Investigation of Self-Assembling Magnetic Dots during Epitaxil Growth
ID: 016447
Start date: 2006-01-01, End date: 2008-12-31
Spontaneous formation of nanostructures through kinetic and thermodynamic morphological instabilities at solid surfaces is increasingly recongnized as an attractive, low-cost alternative to top-down schemes for nanopatterning. We propose an integrated app roach to examine the ...
Programme: FP6-NMP
Record Number: 79826
Last updated on: 2007-07-02
Final Report Summary - DYNAMITE (Dynamic Decisions in Maintenance)
The DYNAMITE project aimed at delivering a blend of leading-edge communications and sensor technology, combined with state-of-the-art diagnostic and prognostic techniques, which will advance the capabilities of European industry in maintenance. The objective was to deliver a p...
Programme: FP6-NMP
Record Number: 46901
Last updated on: 2012-10-03
Final Report Summary - METAMORPHOSE (Metamaterials organized for radio, millimeter wave and photonic superlative engineering)
The main integration objectives of the METAMORHOSE of Network of Excellence's (NoEs) project pertained to the design and implementation of a Virtual institute (VI) which was used in order to plan and organise a joint research as well as utilise and disseminate new knowledge. A...
Programme: FP6-NMP
Record Number: 51573
Last updated on: 2012-10-03
Final Report Summary - NEWBONE (Development of load-bearing fibre reinforced composite based non-metallic biomimetic bone implant)
The major aim of NEWBONE project was to develop Fibre and Nanohybrid reinforced composite (FRC and NHRC) material for surgical bone repair and replacement where load-bearing and ligament fixation capabilities are essential. NEWBONE project has developed FRC and NHRC material f...
Programme: FP6-NMP
Record Number: 52932
Last updated on: 2011-11-03
Final Report Summary - VIM (Virtual injection moulding for improving production efficiency, quality and time-to-market speed)
The Virtual injection moulding for improving production efficiency, quality and time-to-market speed (VIM) project aimed to transform traditional plastic and elastomeric product Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) into knowledge-intensive industries. In order to reach th...
Programme: FP6-NMP
Record Number: 50790
Last updated on: 2011-04-14
Developing new semiconductor materials and laser technologies
NATAL project had as its primary targets the development of new semiconductor materials and laser technologies for generating high-brightness visible and ultraviolet radiation. The key technologies deployed in the project concentrated on optically pumped semiconductor-disk las...
Programme: FP6-IST
Record Number: 46082
Last updated on: 2010-10-13
Final Report Summary - NENA (Nanostructures for Energy and Chemicals Production)
The aim of the NENA project was to develop advanced nanostructured materials and components for the cogeneration of chemicals and energy in a fuel cell. The main specific objectives of the project were: - development of a theoretical and computational chemistry to investigat...
Programme: FP6-NMP
Record Number: 49570
Last updated on: 2011-04-14
Final Report Summary - BNC TUBES (Novel, heteroatomic boron, nitrogen and carbon nanotubes)
The BNC TUBES project aimed to develop novel, continuous, chemical vapour deposition based synthesis for three-dimensional regular nanostructures in the form of heteroatomic Nanotubes (NTs) which consist of boron, nitrogen and carbon such as Boron nitride (BN), nitrogen (N)-do...
Programme: FP6-NMP
Record Number: 51071
Last updated on: 2011-04-14
Final Report Summary - NANOSH (Inflammatory and genotoxic effects of engineered nanomaterials)
Nanotechnology, - a production based on different nano-sized particles - is a rapidly increasing area of industry providing new and innovative solutions that are being introduced into many industrial sectors. In the near future, it will have a major impact on the everyday life...
Programme: FP6-NMP
Record Number: 48765
Last updated on: 2011-04-14
Final Report Summary - BIOCELSOL (Biotechnological Process for Manufacturing Cellulosic Products with Added Value)
The objectives of the BIOCELSOL project were to understand the enzymatic action on the cellulose and its impact on the structure and processability of cellulose, to develop viable processes for fibres, films, casings, beads and sponges as well as to demonstrate them. The eff...
Programme: FP6-NMP
Record Number: 50996
Last updated on: 2011-04-14
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