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Providing Real Integration in Multi-disciplinary Environments
ID: 016542
Start date: 2005-09-01, End date: 2007-12-31
The main objective of the PRIME project is to give business professionals a learning environment where they can experiment with new ideas and learn how to handle the entire life cycle of products and processes for all stakeholders of the organization. PRIME proposes to achiev...
Programme: FP6-IST
Record Number: 80677
Last updated on: 2017-04-01
Final Report Summary - NANO DIALOGUE (Enhancing dialogue on nanotechnologies and nanosciences in society at the European level)
Engaging citizens in dialogue and discussions about emerging science and technologies has been recognised by the European Commission as a fundamental component to create the knowledge economy at the basis of the European Union's Lisbon Agenda. Science centres and museums are t...
Programme: FP6-NMP
Record Number: 46846
Last updated on: 2011-04-14
Composite and Adaptive Structures : Simulation, Experimentation and Modelling
ID: 13517
Start date: 2005-02-01, End date: 2008-07-31
In many industrial and defence applications, noise and vibration are important problems. Control of sound and vibration has been and is always the subject of a lot of research in recent years, and examples of applications are now numerous. The three most common classifications...
Programme: FP6-NMP
Record Number: 74974
Last updated on: 2010-01-11
Enhancing dialogue on nanotechnologies and nanosciences in society at the European level
ID: 13544
Start date: 2005-03-01, End date: 2007-02-28
The NANO DIALOGUE project will establish an integrated process of communication and social debate about nanotechnologies and nanosciences (NN) at European level. The proponent consortium is composed of organisations of excellence in different fields, int egrating different com...
Programme: FP6-NMP
Record Number: 74979
Last updated on: 2010-01-11
Novel functional polymer materials for MEMS and NEMS applications
ID: 13619
Start date: 2005-02-01, End date: 2008-04-30
The goal of NOVOPOLY is the development of new functional materials for pplications in the fields of micro- and nano- systems technology (MEMS and NEMS). Starting point of the proposal is the need to add functionality to existing photostructurable polyme rs like SU-8 and overc...
Programme: FP6-NMP
Record Number: 78257
Last updated on: 2010-01-06
Addressable Molecular Node Assembly - a Generic Platform of Nano-scale Functionalised Surfaces Based on a Digitally Addressable Molecular Grid
ID: 13575
Start date: 2005-01-01, End date: 2008-03-31
The goal is a nano-technology platform based on a 100 nm size grid of addressable molecular building blocks, a novel bottom-up modular approach to place functional groups at defined positions in space with sub-nm precision. An almost complete freedom of ch oice, for grid assem...
Programme: FP6-NMP
Record Number: 74332
Last updated on: 2010-01-11
European Mechatronics for a new generation of production systems
ID: 13543
Start date: 2005-04-01, End date: 2007-06-30
The goal of EUMECHA-PRO is to increase the ability of the European mechatronics research community to conceive - according to a common strategy and in strong cooperation with industry - the production systems for the factories of the future. EUMECHA-PRO w ill develop industry ...
Programme: FP6-NMP
Record Number: 74978
Last updated on: 2010-01-11
Hydrogen-bond geared Mechanically interlocked Molecular Motors
ID: 13525
Start date: 2005-04-01, End date: 2008-03-31
Hy3M will create new types of synthetic molecular motors - fuelled by energy in the form of light, heat, electrons, etc. - that transmit effects of mechanical motion at the molecular level through to the macroscopic world. The project will (i) explore a nd develop new methods ...
Programme: FP6-NMP
Record Number: 74977
Last updated on: 2013-03-06
A scientific discovery which has commercial potential in marine coatings
A surface-nanostructured coating in which a complex morphology/topography is produced that facilitates release of attached foulants.
Programme: FP6-NMP
Record Number: 44956
Last updated on: 2010-03-23
SME-IP to prepare the European tooling industry for the 21st century
ID: 505901
Start date: 2004-09-01, End date: 2008-09-30
Objective: Increase the European tooling industry competitiveness by increasing toolmakers' share in the total added value of the extended supply chain of final products, measurable in added value per employee per hour. Aim: Improve the competitiveness of tooling industry, mai...
Programme: FP6-NMP
Record Number: 74369
Last updated on: 2008-11-13
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