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Innovative robotic applications for highly reconfigurable production lines - VERSATILE
ID: 731330
Start date: 2017-01-01, End date: 2019-12-31
The recent trends of mass customization of products and lean approaches impacts production by a drastic reduction ofproduction lot sizes. However, traditional automation and robotics fail to be competitive in such a context since all individualproduct variant would require a...
Programme: H2020-EU.2.1.1.
Record Number: 206243
Last updated on: 2017-03-09
Periodic Reporting for period 2 - KMaaS (Key Management as-a-Service)
Client-side or end-2-end encryption is all about encrypting data before it enters the cloud, and is recognized as the correct manner for securing data in cloud computing. Cloud service providers as well as users of cloud services are increasingly concerned about data...
Programme: H2020-EU.2.1.1.
Record Number: 192915
Last updated on: 2016-12-15
Periodic Reporting for period 3 - STARTUP- SCALEUP (Scaling up entrepreneurial hubs to Europe)
The aim of the Startup Scaleup innovation action has been to build a European accelerator around four consolidated entrepreneurial ecosystems (Cartagena-Madrid, Zotermeer, Vilnius and Dublin) providing a greater range and quality of services to ambitious entrepreneurs who want...
Programme: H2020-EU.
Record Number: 190496
Last updated on: 2016-10-25
Periodic Reporting for period 2 - EPP - eHealth (European Procurers Platform - eHealth  - Transforming the market for eHealth Solutions)
Public Procurement of Innovation (PPI) is a crucial challenge for public bodies. The “usual” way of purchasing goods is still based on the price of the product. Life cycle costing, supply chain analysis or group purchases are rarely used, which means opportunities to get...
Programme: H2020-EU.2.1.1.
Record Number: 185758
Last updated on: 2016-06-29
Periodic Reporting for period 2 - FACE (FACE Entrepreneurship. Failure Aversion Change in Europe, more than a Communication Campaing to create a new generation of  European entrepreneurs that can FACE failure and learn from it.)
FACE Entrepreneurship (Failure Aversion Change in Europe) is an integrated communications campaign financed by the European Commission´s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme. The goal of this project is to promote ICT entrepreneurship among young Europeans by...
Programme: H2020-EU.2.1.1.
Record Number: 185753
Last updated on: 2016-06-29
Periodic Reporting for period 2 - PERGAMON (PERvasive Serious GAMes suppOrted by Virtual CoachiNg)
The PERGAMON project (PERvasive serious GAMes suppOrted by virtual coachiNg) aims to facilitate the matching between providers of innovative ICT technologies on the supply side and the creative industry operating in the field of serious games on the demand side. Specifically...
Programme: H2020-EU.
Record Number: 185735
Last updated on: 2016-06-29
Periodic Reporting for period 2 - TWEETHER (Traveling Wave Tube based W-band Wireless Networks with High Data Rate, Distribution, Spectrum and Energy Efficiency)
The limitless diffusion of portable smart devices with very high resolution screens, of new data hungry applications and the future Internet of Things (IoT) that predicts billions of devices connected is opening a new age for internet high speed connections every time and...
Programme: H2020-EU.
Record Number: 185420
Last updated on: 2016-06-28
Periodic Reporting for period 1 - azoomee (A Truly Disruptive Entertainment and Educational Digital Application for Primary School Aged Children)
Although the internet was designed for adults, over 87% of children aged between 4 and 8 years old use the internet for gaming, video series, education and entertainment. Over 70% of images have seen images unsuitable for their age (Source: UK Safer Internet Centre...
Programme: H2020-EU.2.1.1.
Record Number: 198563
Last updated on: 2017-05-22
A Truly Disruptive Entertainment and Educational Digital Application for Primary School Aged Children
ID: 735127
Start date: 2016-08-01, End date: 2016-11-30
Although the internet was designed for adults, children, from as early ages as three years, are increasingly becoming active on it. Over 87% of children aged between 5 and 8 years use the internet for gaming, video series, education and entertainment. Many have been...
Programme: H2020-EU.2.1.1.
Record Number: 205052
Last updated on: 2016-07-15
Periodic Reporting for period 1 - I4MS-Growth (Support and stimulation of dynamic and organic growth of pan European ICT for Manufacturing SME Innovation Ecosystems)
The I4MS initiative was launched by the EC on July 2013, showing substantial success and contributing to the progressive development of European SMEs, adopting advanced ICT solutions for manufacturing. I4MS supports the adoption of innovative ICT by SMEs involved in...
Programme: H2020-EU.2.1.1.
Record Number: 198556
Last updated on: 2017-05-22
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