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ID: 2207
Start date: 1993-10-11, End date: 1996-10-10
GENERAL DESCRIPTION OF THE ACTION 1. Objectives of the Action 1.1.Introduction: Industrial Relevance and R&D Problems: A vast number of technical, physical and chemical processes take place at surfaces and the majority of material failures are surface-initiated by such surf...
Programme: IC-COST
Record Number: 21791
Last updated on: 2003-03-05
ID: 833
Start date: 1998-01-15, End date: 2003-01-14
1. Background 1.1. Current state of research in the field At present in the area of ectoparasitic disease, research work is focusing on methods of diagnosis, control and immunology. There is major concern over the extreme suffering caused by these diseases, particularly man...
Programme: IC-COST
Record Number: 69361
Last updated on: 2003-03-05
ID: E22
Start date: 1999-12-16, End date: 2003-12-15
A. Background Wood is a renewable raw material with a low energy demand and of high economic importance for industrial sectors such as construction, furniture and the packaging industry in Europe. One specific property of wood limiting its cost-effectiveness in use is its biod...
Programme: IC-COST
Record Number: 69462
Last updated on: 2003-03-05
ID: E13
Start date: 1998-10-28, End date: 2002-10-27
A. BACKGROUND The Wood Technology Sector Group of the COST Technical Committee on Forestry and Forest Products has compiled the national priorities regarding wood technology research and on that basis it has discussed the European priorities and needs for increased cooperatio...
Programme: IC-COST
Record Number: 69453
Last updated on: 2003-03-05
[PROJECT] Rural innovation
ID: A12
Start date: 1998-03-11, End date: 2002-03-10
Programme: IC-COST
Record Number: 69397
Last updated on: 2003-03-26
ID: C12
Start date: 2000-05-10, End date: 2004-05-09
Programme: IC-COST
Record Number: 69421
Last updated on: 2003-03-26
ID: 919
Start date: 1999-03-03, End date: 2004-03-02
A. BACKGROUND What are melanoidins? Melanoidins are materials formed primarily by interactions between carbohydrates and compounds possessing a free amino group, such as free amino acids and the free amino groups of peptides. The complex network of interactions, resulting in...
Programme: IC-COST
Record Number: 69390
Last updated on: 2003-03-05
ID: 843
Start date: 1999-12-08, End date: 2004-12-07
A. BACKGROUND The key role of plant tissue culture Plant breeding and crop production, both by traditional and biotechnological methods, increasingly rely on plant tissue culture (in-vitro culture) as a mainstream tool that provides key opportunities for plant quality enhanc...
Programme: IC-COST
Record Number: 69372
Last updated on: 2003-03-05
ID: 830
Start date: 1997-06-03, End date: 2003-06-02
A. BACKGROUND A.1. Current state of knowledge in the field Inoculation of plants with beneficial bacteria and fungi has become an established agricultural practice over the last 100 years. Inoculants may specifically: - improve host plant nutritional status and reduce the n...
Programme: IC-COST
Record Number: 69358
Last updated on: 2003-03-05
ID: 839
Start date: 1998-11-05, End date: 2003-11-04
A. BACKGROUND Poultry is the fastest growing livestock industry overall, benefiting from efficiency gains in production and associated price advantages, and from health considerations. Per capita consumption as well as the share of poultry in the meat market have shown a consi...
Programme: IC-COST
Record Number: 69367
Last updated on: 2003-03-05
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