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Structural safety of means of transport under fast transients
ID: 1963
Specific Objectives The project addresses the following policy issues related to prenormative and standardization Commission actions: - Crash worthiness of vehicles for occupants; - Pedestrian safety (normative action under preparation); - Safety of road equipment; - Safety o...
Programme: FP5-JRC
Record Number: 64609
Last updated on: 2002-10-02
Software for fluid structure transient dynamics : EUROPLEXUS
EUROPLEXUS is a general purpose computer code developed at JRC-ISIS and at the French Commissariat l'Energie Atomique (CEA), which can be used to study the effects of explosions on structures of arbitrarily complex shape in addition to a wide range of problems involving impuls...
Programme: FP5-JRC
Record Number: 26909
Last updated on: 2001-08-31
Natural hazards
[PROJECT] Natural hazards
ID: 1964
Specific Objectives Specific Objectives in 2002: - To support organisations and institutions involved in risk management, where competencies in spatial information handling and extraction and advanced modelling are required; - To initiate and implement pilot projects on flood...
Programme: FP5-JRC
Record Number: 64611
Last updated on: 2002-10-02
European soil bureau
ID: 1979
Specific Objectives Specific Objectives in 2002: Following the JRC internal audit, the approval of the 6th Environmental Action Programme (6th EAP) and a stronger commitment of the European Commission towards the implementation of the United Nations Convention to Combat Dese...
Programme: FP5-JRC
Record Number: 64628
Last updated on: 2002-10-02
Safety and emergency management systems for man-made and natural hazards
ID: 1984
Specific Objectives -To provide scientific and technical assistance to DGENV on the formulation, implementation and monitoring of EU policy on the control of major hazards and the prevention and mitigation of major accidents; -To manage the European database on major technolog...
Programme: FP5-JRC
Record Number: 64637
Last updated on: 2003-04-17
Neutron reference measurements for environmental protection
ID: 2040
Specific Objectives -To continue the study, in a systematic manner, the interaction of neutrons with matter and thereby to provide the basic knowledge needed for the establishment of a complete neutron database; -To perform measurements of neutron cross sections and related pa...
Programme: FP5-JRC
Record Number: 64681
Last updated on: 2002-10-02
New technologies in support of more effective EU aid, development and assistance programmes
ID: 1980
Specific Objectives -to provide a Digital Map Archive to help in decision making on Humanitarian Aid and Development policies; -to investigate how high resolution/very high resolution satellite imagery, integrated with environmental and socio-economic information, can provide ...
Programme: FP5-JRC
Record Number: 64629
Last updated on: 2002-10-02
New technologies for monitoring fishing vessels
ID: 1992
Specific Objectives There are two objectives for 2002: - To further understand the ability of remote sensing (SAR and optical) to contribute to monitoring fishing vessels; - To support the Commission develop a harmonised electronic logbook that can integrate legal requireme...
Programme: FP5-JRC
Record Number: 64647
Last updated on: 2002-10-02
Environment and society (PART I: EAS)
ID: 37
Specific Objectives - Support the implementation and further development of a Strategy for Sustainable Development for the EU - Prospective analysis of clean technologies, their economic and environmental potential and understanding of their development path and of the main ba...
Programme: FP5-JRC
Record Number: 64612
Last updated on: 2010-12-07
Sustainability in transport and mobility
ID: 1977
Specific Objectives - Up-date regularly the IPTS knowledge base on transport and related technologies. Application to build socio-economic scenarios, to explore sustainable options for satisfying mobility and accessibility needs at the regional level; - Integrate social and ec...
Programme: FP5-JRC
Record Number: 64626
Last updated on: 2002-10-02
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