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The IMPROVE Data Library consists of digital recordings of continuous monitored signals, clinical patient data and continuous patient state annotations. The continuous signals recorded typically are ECG (2 channels), systemic blood pressure, pulmonary arterial pressure, centra...
Programme: FP4-BIOMED 2
Record Number: 23184
Last updated on: 1999-09-28
The shock state is characterized by a major disruption of metabolic regulation triggered by tissue hypoxia. The project aims are to develop biosensors for lactate and for interrelated intermediary metabolites (pyruvate, glucose and glutamate) to monitor their tissue levels on ...
Programme: FP4-BIOMED 2
Record Number: 23371
Last updated on: 2001-02-22
Fast detection of bacteria in a small fluid sample. An Identification method using target specific methods.
Programme: FP4-BIOMED 2
Record Number: 23344
Last updated on: 1999-11-09
The enhancement of endoscopic visualization systems which is important prerequisite in minimally invasive interventions is directed to future endoscope units which offer improved resolution, increased miniaturization, higher automation, better image processing, advanced and au...
Programme: FP4-BIOMED 2
Record Number: 23348
Last updated on: 1999-11-11
The word anchorage refers, in the biomedical field, to the old dream of the connection between a living organism and prosthesis. The history of joint replacement is governed by the problem of the fixation of the implants. First indicated for older patients only, the increasing...
Programme: FP4-BIOMED 2
Record Number: 23349
Last updated on: 1999-11-11
[REPORT SUMMARY] Amniodistention devices
Although the amnio-insufflator is technically satisfying, its clinical use is hampered by the observation that CO2 affects fetal acid-base status (reference 1). Recent observations have questioned the concern for fetal hypercapnia and acidosis (reference 2), but the research c...
Programme: FP4-BIOMED 2
Record Number: 23307
Last updated on: 1999-11-03
We have developed a parallel multiple read-out scheme for monitoring on-line hybridization reactions in real time between surface-attached DNA oligonucleotides and complementary strands (oligonucleotides or DNA) from solution by using our earlier introduced surface-plasmon fie...
Programme: FP4-BIOMED 2
Record Number: 27105
Last updated on: 2003-01-17
The frequent occurrence of artefacts in EEG signals measured under clinical circumstances remains one of the most important factors that impede the widespread use of neuro-monitoring methods in clinical patient monitoring. Artefacts in the EEG caused by disturbances from exter...
Programme: FP4-BIOMED 2
Record Number: 26348
Last updated on: 2003-01-17
An automatic sleep analyser based on polygraph signals (EEG, EOG, EMG, ECG) has been developed that describes sleep as a continuum of several process with a resolution of 1 second. It has been proven that the outputs of the analyser contain more information about normal and di...
Programme: FP4-BIOMED 2
Record Number: 26762
Last updated on: 2001-07-30
[REPORT SUMMARY] Mini-endoscopes, fetoscopes
The primary aim of the project was the development of instruments and techniques to carry out in utero endoscopy in pregnancy (embryo-fetoscopy). At the start of the project only one clinically acceptable fetoscope was available on the market, having a 1.9 mm diameter, and bei...
Programme: FP4-BIOMED 2
Record Number: 23308
Last updated on: 2001-02-22
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