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Microorganisms which are able to degrade biodegradable plastics have been isolated and identified. They have been employed in the design of standardized, rapid in vitro tests for the assessment of the biodegradability of a range of biodegradable plastics, such as polyhydroxyal...
Programme: FP3-AIR
Record Number: 4073
Last updated on: 2003-01-17
The project studied the application of advanced microwave heating technologies for the in-pack sterilisation of foods. Results showed that the alginate particle technique was suitable for the determination of the heat treatment received by the food during a microwave sterilisa...
Programme: FP3-AIR
Record Number: 21343
Last updated on: 2001-07-09
The aim of the research project was the detailed investigation of the microbial influence on the product quality in the food industry. In previous investigations the contamination of the air by microorganisms and bacterial spores was recognized as an important issue in food pr...
Programme: FP3-AIR
Record Number: 23246
Last updated on: 1999-10-28
This project evaluates the potential of neem (Azadirachta indica) tissue cultures to produce azadirachtin and other bioactive compounds for the control of insect pests. Two hairy root lines of the neem tree were screened for azadirachtin production. Azadirachtin production pea...
Programme: FP3-AIR
Record Number: 23210
Last updated on: 1999-10-08
Research is being carried out to improve the texture and flavour of existing quargs and to create new quarg-like products. This entails the production of highly concentrated aroma bases; the improvement of quarg texture by the selection of single strains with different textura...
Programme: FP3-AIR
Record Number: 21313
Last updated on: 1998-09-23
Studying the potential health benefits of increased vegetable and fruit consumption within the European Union (EU) is the topic of the project. One part of the project is studying the relationship between increased vegetable and fruit intake (as providers of the carotenoids ly...
Programme: FP3-AIR
Record Number: 21317
Last updated on: 1998-09-23
Controlling spoilage yeasts in foods and beverages is being investigated. A collection of spoilage yeasts, isolated mostly from wines, olives, sugar syrups and yellow sauces, is being put together in order to obtain reference strains for the application of rapid techniques for...
Programme: FP3-AIR
Record Number: 21322
Last updated on: 1998-09-23
Food allergies affect a significant proportion of the population with consequent adverse effects. Food allergies are due not to the whole protein but to a discrete area (peptide) and especially to the reactive sequence (epitope) of amino acids in the peptide. Molecular biology...
Programme: FP3-AIR
Record Number: 21316
Last updated on: 1998-09-23
The Modified Atmosphere Systems in varying Temperature Regimes (MASTER) project involves: modelling to show that the shelf life of fresh produce may be extended in a predictable way by modified atmosphere packaging (MAP); and secondly, a computer programme and database to simu...
Programme: FP3-AIR
Record Number: 21335
Last updated on: 1998-09-23
Trimethylamine oxide (TMAO) is broken down to formaldehyde and dimethylamine by the enzyme TMAOase during the frozen storage of gadoid fish. The extraction (using detergents) and rapid measurement of the content of this enzyme in fish is, therefore, important and was one compo...
Programme: FP3-AIR
Record Number: 21327
Last updated on: 1998-09-23
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