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CORDIS reúne toda la información sobre los proyectos financiados por Horizonte 2020 , y ahora también resúmenes de los informes relacionados. Se puede descargar toda la documentación de estos proyectos en el Portal de datos abiertos de la UE .

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The RASOS software provides a comprehensive capability for the safety assessment of jacket type offshore structures which includes structural and load modelling, deterministic linear and nonlinear analysis, fatigue and fracture assessment, system reliability analysis using fai...
Programme: FP1-BRITE
Record Number: 10775
Last updated on: 1994-09-12
Due to stringent legal regulations for environmental protection and pollution control there is a high demand for the purification of off gases from power stations, heating combustion units and chemical plants producing such wastes. It was the aim of this research to develop th...
Programme: FP1-BRITE
Record Number: 1659
Last updated on: 1996-10-11
[INFORME RESUMIDO] Computer aided arc welding
To avoid the disadvantages of the teach in method, a new knowledge based off line programming system for industrial robots has been developed. This system realizes the following advantages in comparison to the existing programming systems for arc welding: consideration of spec...
Programme: FP1-BRITE
Record Number: 12040
Last updated on: 1996-09-20
Self stratifying coatings have been developed which allow two different functional coats to be applied in one operation. Anexample would be an anticorrosive primer anf a durable top caot. The systems offer time and cost saving benefits as well as a technological benefit due to...
Programme: FP1-BRITE
Record Number: 1480
Last updated on: 1996-09-27
Research developments include: manufacture of the test coupons and polymet rods in the main aero bearing steels, M50 and Tl, and also the new carburising steel M50 NiL; design, manufacture and commissioning of component handling and beam scanning systems, including a dedicated...
Programme: FP1-BRITE
Record Number: 1463
Last updated on: 1996-10-24
Experimental methods for the characterisation of mechanical properties, chemical composition and morphological structure of rubber samples, taken from critical failure regions were developed. Changes induced on rubber compounds by service life in high severity conditions were ...
Programme: FP1-BRITE
Record Number: 1296
Last updated on: 1996-10-24
The maintenance of buildings requires four stages of surveillance, or monitoring. These 4 areas are: early assessment of damage, detailed investigations, decision for repair work and verification of repair work. For each stage of monitoring, several nondestructive testing (NDT...
Programme: FP1-BRITE
Record Number: 2773
Last updated on: 1996-10-23
FINELG is a nonlinear finite element method (FEM) which has been developed for simulation of geometrically and materially nonlinear actual structural behaviour. It may be used in civil engineering, mechanical pieces, or on both linear and nonlinear subjects. The operating envi...
Programme: FP1-BRITE
Record Number: 2323
Last updated on: 1996-10-02
It has been proved that laser surface treatment can be successfully applied to real world steam turbine components. It has been demonstrated that high quality coatings, in particular, the finely dispersed carbide phase, which has been tested successfully under drop impingement...
Programme: FP1-BRITE
Record Number: 10851
Last updated on: 1996-10-23
Nondestructive evaluation and testing in the industrial ceramics sector has been explored and a technology has been developed which is based on computerised image analysis methods. In the case of ceramics samples, the images are acquired by the use of X-ray equipment, which pr...
Programme: FP1-BRITE
Record Number: 1613
Last updated on: 1994-09-09
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