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CORDIS reúne toda la información sobre los proyectos financiados por Horizonte 2020 , y ahora también resúmenes de los informes relacionados. Se puede descargar toda la documentación de estos proyectos en el Portal de datos abiertos de la UE .

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New Easy to Install and Manufacture PRE-Fabricated Modules Supported by a BIM based Integrated Design ProceSS
ID: 636717
Fecha de inicio: 2015-06-01, Fecha de finalización: 2018-11-30
IMPRESS will develop three different prefabricated panels for buildings: (i) a polyurethane based insulated panel with improved thermal performance and light radiation and (ii) a thin, lightweight pre-cast concrete sandwich panel, with optimum thermal and weathering...
Programme: H2020-EU.3.3.1.
Record Number: 196758
Last updated on: 2017-08-08
International Interdisciplinary PhD studies in Biomedical Research and Biostatistics. Supporting the career and training in omic-based research and biostatistics by inter-national and-sectoral mobility
ID: 754432
Fecha de inicio: 2018-02-01, Fecha de finalización: 2023-01-31
The aim of the project is to launch Interdisciplinary PhD Studies in Biomedicine aimed at young aspiring scientists, who will conduct research on life-style diseases and on biostatistics and bioinformatics methods necessary to process and interpret data obtained in research...
Programme: H2020-EU.1.3.4.
Record Number: 210603
Last updated on: 2017-06-07
Flexible Compression Injection Moulding Platform for Multi-Scale Surface Structures
ID: 260174
Fecha de inicio: 2010-05-01, Fecha de finalización: 2013-04-30
IMPRESS targets the development of a technological injection moulding platform for serial production of plastic components incorporating micro or nano scale functional features. The platform will be based on the gathering of up to date and most advanced facilities based on th...
Programme: FP7-NMP
Record Number: 94904
Last updated on: 2017-05-29
Integral membrane proteins resolution of stoichiometry and structure
ID: 268851
Fecha de inicio: 2011-06-01, Fecha de finalización: 2016-05-31
Our recent discovery, that large integral membrane protein complexes can survive intact in the mass spectrometer, prompts many new experiments to understand the mechanism of their release from micelles and to maximise the impact of this finding. We propose to examine the stru...
Programme: FP7-IDEAS-ERC
Record Number: 99148
Last updated on: 2017-05-26
IMaging of Plant Responses to Environmental StresS
ID: 252196
Fecha de inicio: 2010-06-01, Fecha de finalización: 2012-05-31
The need to meet the EU’s demand for food and other plant products while preserving natural environments for recreation and conservation of biodiversity in the face of increased population and climatic pressures, has led to an unprecedented demand for an improved understandin...
Programme: FP7-PEOPLE
Record Number: 94673
Last updated on: 2017-05-26
Intelligent System Development Platform for Intelligent and Sustainable Society
ID: 614100
Fecha de inicio: 2013-09-01, Fecha de finalización: 2016-03-31
The aim of the IMPRESS project is to provide a Systems Development Platform which enables rapid and cost effective development of mixed criticality complex systems involving Internet of Things and Services (IoTS) and at the same time facilitates the interplay with users and e...
Programme: FP7-ICT
Record Number: 109871
Last updated on: 2017-04-22
Quality Impact Prediction for Evolving Service-Oriented Software
ID: 215013
Fecha de inicio: 2008-01-01, Fecha de finalización: 2010-12-31
The Q-ImPrESS project aims at bringing service orientation to critical software systems, such as industrial production control, telecommunication and critical enterprise applications. All these domains share a need for guaranteed end-to-end quality of service, but also a need...
Programme: FP7-ICT
Record Number: 85237
Last updated on: 2017-04-13
Improved production strategies for endangered freshwater species.
ID: 642893
Fecha de inicio: 2015-01-01, Fecha de finalización: 2018-12-31
The IMPRESS European Training Network will provide a new generation of researchers with the multidisciplinary skills and competences needed to oversee new stocking strategies for Europe’s most important and threatened freshwater fish species (Atlantic salmon, European eel...
Programme: H2020-EU.1.3.1.
Record Number: 193961
Last updated on: 2017-02-27
IMproving Preparedness and Response of HEalth Services in major criseS
ID: 608078
Fecha de inicio: 2014-05-01, Fecha de finalización: 2017-04-30
There exists a huge variety in the occurrence and characteristics of major incidents. Incident management stakeholders and in particular emergency health service providers have to deal with two basic challenges: The disproportion between the needs and the available human/mate...
Programme: FP7-SECURITY
Record Number: 185510
Last updated on: 2016-08-29
Impacts and risks from higher-end scenarios: Strategies for innovative solutions
ID: 603416
Fecha de inicio: 2013-11-01, Fecha de finalización: 2018-10-31
IMPRESSIONS will provide empirically-grounded, transformative science that quantifies and explains the consequences of high-end climate scenarios for both decision-makers and society. IMPRESSIONS will develop and apply a novel participatory methodology that explicitly deals w...
Record Number: 110481
Last updated on: 2016-07-11
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