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Les informations sur les projets et maintenant aussi les résumés de rapports Horizon 2020 sont disponibles sur CORDIS. Tous les projets H2020 peuvent être téléchargés depuis le Portail des données ouvertes de l'UE .

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Transnational access to the prototypic corium platform PLINIUS
ID: 36403
Date de début: 2006-11-01, Date de fin: 2010-10-31
Transnational access to the prototypic corium platform PLINIUS
Record Number: 84722
Last updated on: 2011-03-14
Neutron data measurements at IRMM
ID: 516487
Date de début: 2005-04-01, Date de fin: 2008-03-31
The Joint Research Centre has as one of its key objectives in FP6, the full opening of its infrastructure to European scientists and industry. The Reference Laboratory for Neutron Measurements of the IRMM (Geel, Belgium) is equipped with a unique scientific infrastructure of E...
Record Number: 89142
Last updated on: 2008-12-18
Towards a European nuclear fission technology platform?
ID: 516544
Date de début: 2005-01-01, Date de fin: 2005-06-30
This SSA aims at establishing a "Think Tank", coordinated by the CEA, with the following mission: (a)To analyze the situation expected to exist after the FP6 European nuclear fission RTD Programs and identify the scientific, technological and social chall enges that will still...
Record Number: 75834
Last updated on: 2008-02-05
Assessment of LIquid Salts for innovative applications
ID: 44809
Date de début: 2007-01-01, Date de fin: 2008-03-31
Among other fluids like water, sodium and gases, liquid salts score high in terms of heat transport and heat transfer properties (large heat capacity, high boiling point, good conductivity). In the Generation IV programme built on behalf of the MSR (Molten Salt Reactors) St...
Record Number: 84177
Last updated on: 2009-05-08
Co-operation and Technology Transfer on long-term radioactive waste management for Member States with small nuclear programmes
ID: 28293
Date de début: 2006-01-01, Date de fin: 2007-06-30
This project will investigate the feasibility of Member States with small nuclear programmes (Recipient Member States, RMS) implementing long-term radioactive waste management solutions within their national borders, through collaboration with Member States with advanced dispo...
Record Number: 78635
Last updated on: 2008-02-05
Radiation quantities and units, dose to the patients and image quality in Computed Tomography (CT)
ID: 516571
Date de début: 2005-03-01, Date de fin: 2008-02-29
The objective of the project is to produce a report on absorbed dose determination and quantitative evaluation of image quality in computed tomography (CT). Interaction between the two factors (patient dose and image quality) is one of the main subjects discussed in the report...
Record Number: 75837
Last updated on: 2013-03-26
Promotion of the European Radiobiological Archives ERA
ID: 28275
Date de début: 2006-04-01, Date de fin: 2009-09-30
Molecular and genetic research is now providing us with the opportunity to quantify the risks of radiation exposure at the individual level. The retrospective analysis of earlier epidemiological and animal studies will be an important resource for modelling and evaluating such...
Record Number: 78634
Last updated on: 2013-03-26
European Master of Science Course in Radiation Biology (MSCRB)
ID: 509073
Date de début: 2003-10-01, Date de fin: 2006-09-30
The European Master of Science Course in Radiation Biology was initiated by the European Commission in 1993 and has since been developed further. It is characterized by a joint and integrated action of five universities from five Member States. Its overall aim is to maintain a...
Record Number: 74104
Last updated on: 2013-03-26
Support action: pilot initiative for european regional repositories
ID: 509071
Date de début: 2003-12-01, Date de fin: 2005-11-30
Some small nuclear power programmes in the expanded EU may not have the resources or the full range of expertise to build their own geological repositories. Even for countries that could potentially implement national projects, there are environmental and economic advantages i...
Record Number: 74103
Last updated on: 2008-02-05
Gap analysis for long term inspection needs of nuclear plant
ID: 511305
Date de début: 2004-09-01, Date de fin: 2006-08-31
Inspection by non-destructive testing (NDT) and continuous monitoring plays an important role in assuring the continued safe and economic operation of nuclear plant. The inspection methods themselves (underlying technology) and the way in which they are ap plied (inspection...
Record Number: 74105
Last updated on: 2008-02-05
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