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Spinoptical nanoantenna-assisted magnetic storage at few nanometers on femtosecond timescale
ID: 737093
Date de début: 2017-03-01, Date de fin: 2020-02-29
We will develop the conceptually new paradigm for ultra-dense and ultrafast magnetic storage that will exceed the current technology by two orders of magnitude in storage density (going from terabit/inch2 to tens of terabytes/inch2) and by about four orders of magnitude in...
Programme: H2020-EU.1.2.1.
Record Number: 208119
Last updated on: 2017-03-09
Mid- and far-IR optoelectronic devices based on Bose-Einstein condensation
ID: 737017
Date de début: 2017-01-01, Date de fin: 2020-12-31
Optoelectronic devices typically operate in the weak coupling regime between light and matter, for example in conventional lasers relying on population inversion to achieve optical gain. Recently there has been a surge of interest in quantum systems operating instead in the...
Programme: H2020-EU.1.2.1.
Record Number: 207469
Last updated on: 2017-03-09
MAGnetic nanoparticle based liquid ENergy materials for Thermoelectric device Applications
ID: 731976
Date de début: 2017-01-01, Date de fin: 2020-12-31
MAGENTA proposes a brand new technological path in thermoelectric materials research for waste-heat recovery applications. The originality of the project is based on the newly discovered thermal-to-electric energy conversion capacity of ionic-liquids and ferrofluids; i.e...
Programme: H2020-EU.1.2.2.
Record Number: 206507
Last updated on: 2017-03-14
Collective Adaptive Systems Enabler Kit
ID: 754506
Date de début: 2017-04-01, Date de fin: 2018-09-30
In 2008 Apple introduced the App Store. It was a watershed moment in the history of digitalization and it made a huge impact on human society. With the App Store, Apple created a sustainable model to leverage the potential of mobile computing by tapping into the creativity of...
Programme: H2020-EU.1.2.1.
Record Number: 209421
Last updated on: 2017-03-20
Bringing persuasive computing training assistance for healthcare personnel from lab experiments to educational practice
ID: 754554
Date de début: 2017-05-01, Date de fin: 2018-10-31
The aim of this proposal is to develop a strategy for transforming the results of a series of experiments in using persuasive computing technologies in emergency nurse training into a system that can be used in real life educational settings. The experiments were conducted as...
Programme: H2020-EU.1.2.1.
Record Number: 209422
Last updated on: 2017-03-20
Dielectric MicroSpacer Technology
ID: 754568
Date de début: 2017-04-01, Date de fin: 2018-09-30
Several technological applications need tools for keeping a stable micrometric distance between two surfaces. The requirements are more stringent if electrical insulation has to be guaranteed between the surfaces and even more if also thermal insulation has to be satisfied.The...
Programme: H2020-EU.1.2.1.
Record Number: 209423
Last updated on: 2017-03-20
An Artificial Leaf:  a photo-electro-catalytic cell from earth-abundant materials for sustainable solar production of CO2-based chemicals and fuels
ID: 732840
Date de début: 2017-01-01, Date de fin: 2020-12-31
A novel concept for a photo-electro-catalytic (PEC) cell able to directly convert water and CO2 into fuels and chemicals (CO2 reduction) and oxygen (water oxidation) using exclusively solar energy will be designed, built, validated, and optimized. The cell will be constructed...
Programme: H2020-EU.1.2.2.
Record Number: 206200
Last updated on: 2017-03-09
Biofunctionalised Electroconducting Microfibres for the Treatment of Spinal Cord Injury
ID: 732344
Date de début: 2017-01-01, Date de fin: 2020-12-31
Bio-electronic microsystems hold promise for repairing the damaged central nervous system (CNS). However, this potential has not been developed because their implantation inflicts additional neural injury, and ensuing inflammation and fibrosis compromise device functionality...
Programme: H2020-EU.1.2.2.
Record Number: 206185
Last updated on: 2017-03-20
Optomechanics for Virology
[PROJET] VIRUSCAN - Optomechanics for Virology
ID: 731868
Date de début: 2016-11-01, Date de fin: 2021-10-31
Viral infections diagnosis demands novel, cheaper and rapid technologies to overcome present constraints. Current gold standard for diagnosis of viral infections is based on pathogen-targeted nucleic acid identification; thus, it cannot discern infectious stages from latent...
Programme: H2020-EU.1.2.2.
Record Number: 205930
Last updated on: 2017-03-20
Human Brain Project Specific Grant Agreement 1
ID: 720270
Date de début: 2016-04-01, Date de fin: 2018-03-31
Understanding the human brain is one of the greatest scientific challenges of our time. Such an understanding can provide profound insights into our humanity, leading to fundamentally new computing technologies, and transforming the diagnosis and treatment of brain disorders...
Programme: H2020-EU.1.2.
Record Number: 205371
Last updated on: 2017-03-20
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