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Le informazioni sui progetti di Orizzonte 2020 e ora anche le relative sintesi delle relazioni sono disponibili su CORDIS. Tutti i progetti H2020 possono essere scaricati dal Portale Open Data dell'UE .

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ID: MA1E0030
Data di inizio: 1988-01-01, Termine: 1990-12-31
The aim of the present project is to use a soft chemistry approach to prepare new organic-inorganic layered materials with potential applications in the domain of heterogenous catalysis or magnetic pigments. This work associates organic chemists, solid state inorganic chemists...
Programme: FP1-EURAM
Record Number: 6514
Last updated on: 1992-05-05
ID: MA1E0079
Data di inizio: 1989-06-01, Termine: 1993-05-31
Programme: FP1-EURAM
Record Number: 4598
Last updated on: 1992-09-03
The main objectives of the project consist of the assessment of new surface treatment processes based on ion implantation and chemical polishing, to improve the mechanical and corrosion properties of titanium alloys and to realise new, long lasting and biocompatible prostheses...
Programme: FP1-EURAM
Record Number: 448
Last updated on: 1994-09-09
The aim of the project is to investigate advanced aluminium matrix composites, obtained via the prepeg route, for applications in aerospace structures (carbon/aluminium) and heat engines (silicon carbide/aluminium). The programme has 4 steps: prepeg processing; characterisatio...
Programme: FP1-EURAM
Record Number: 415
Last updated on: 1996-10-09
ID: MA1E0063
Data di inizio: 1989-03-01, Termine: 1992-02-28
The aim of the project is to investigate advanced aluminium matrix composites, obtained via the prepreg route, for applications in aerospace structures (C/Al) and heat engines (SiC/Al). The programme envisages four steps: Prepreg-processing, C (HM or UHM) Al and SiC (NICALON-...
Programme: FP1-EURAM
Record Number: 6440
Last updated on: 1992-04-28
The research covered the development of silver free electrical contacts for low voltage circuit breakers and minimisation of production costs of electrical contacts by increasing the effectiveness of composites which could replace silver in low voltage circuit breakers. There...
Programme: FP1-EURAM
Record Number: 3114
Last updated on: 1996-10-03
ID: MA1E0004
Data di inizio: 1988-01-01, Termine: 1990-06-30
The chief o bjective is to develop silver-free electrical contacts for low voltage circuit breakers. In order to find new materials, the first step is to acquire a better knowledge of the mechanisms giving rise to contact material deterioration (oxidation, sticking, abrasion f...
Programme: FP1-EURAM
Record Number: 6462
Last updated on: 1992-04-28
ID: MA1E0013
Data di inizio: 1988-02-01, Termine: 1990-07-31
The objective of this work is the comparison of the properties of aluminium alloys produced by two different routes. The alloys are Al-Fe base or Al-Fe-X plus ceramics types designed for high strength at low to medium temperatures. The first route, mechanical alloying, has bee...
Programme: FP1-EURAM
Record Number: 6434
Last updated on: 1992-04-28
Research was carried out to develop new light aluminium alloys for application at elevated temperatures (300-350 C) in the automotive industry. Classical wrought, and precipitation hardened, aluminium based alloys lose their strength at about 150 C and do not fulfil requiremen...
Programme: FP1-EURAM
Record Number: 3112
Last updated on: 1996-10-23
Preliminary experiments indicated that although silicon carbide growth rates at low temperatures and with known parameters were understood, the chemical processes involved at higher temperatures did not meet expectations. The chemical vapour infiltration (CVI) of straight cyli...
Programme: FP1-EURAM
Record Number: 2763
Last updated on: 1996-10-03
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