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Le informazioni sui progetti di Orizzonte 2020 e ora anche le relative sintesi delle relazioni sono disponibili su CORDIS. Tutti i progetti H2020 possono essere scaricati dal Portale Open Data dell'UE .

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Floating Sensorised Networked Robots for Water Monitoring
ID: 212790
Data di inizio: 2008-12-01, Termine: 2012-01-31
Water is one of our most precious and valuable resources. It is important to determine how to fairly use, protect and preserve water. New strategies and new technologies are needed to assess the chemical and ecological status of water bodies and to improve the water quality a...
Record Number: 88876
Last updated on: 2017-11-20
World class Science and Innovation with Neutrons in Europe 2020 – SINE2020
ID: 654000
Data di inizio: 2015-10-01, Termine: 2019-09-30
Today’s society is being transformed by new materials and processes. Analytical techniques underpin their development and neutrons, with their unique properties, play a pivotal role in a multi-disciplinary, knowledge-based approach. Industry and the neutron research...
Programme: H2020-EU.
Record Number: 198195
Last updated on: 2017-08-22
In-service Aircraft for a Global Observing System - European Research Infrastructure
ID: 212128
Data di inizio: 2008-09-01, Termine: 2013-08-31
It is proposed to establish a sustainable distributed infrastructure for global observations of atmospheric composition from a large fleet of in-service aircraft. This will be achieved by installing autonomous instrument packages aboard initially 10-20 longrange aircraft of i...
Record Number: 89637
Last updated on: 2017-05-29
Interactions between soil related sciences - Linking geophysics, soil science and digital soil mapping
ID: 211386
Data di inizio: 2008-06-01, Termine: 2011-11-30
As formulated in the Thematic Strategy for Soil Protection prepared by the European Commission soil degradation is a serious problem in Europe. The degradation is driven or exacerbated by human activity and has a direct impact on water and air quality, biodiversity, climate a...
Record Number: 88638
Last updated on: 2017-05-29
European Re-Analysis of global CLIMate observations
ID: 265229
Data di inizio: 2011-01-01, Termine: 2013-12-31
ERA-CLIM will develop observational datasets suitable for global climate studies, with a focus on the past 100 years. These datasets will include atmospheric, oceanic, and terrestrial observations from a variety of sources, high-resolution global reanalysis products of the ob...
Record Number: 97272
Last updated on: 2017-05-26
Building Capacity for a Black Sea Catchment Observation and Assessment System supporting Sustainable Development
ID: 226740
Data di inizio: 2009-04-01, Termine: 2013-03-31
The Black Sea Catchment is internationally known as one of ecologically unsustainable development and inadequate resource management, which has led to severe environmental, social and economic problems. EnviroGRIDS @ Black Sea Catchment aims at building the capacities of regi...
Record Number: 92905
Last updated on: 2017-05-25
ID: INTAS 2006-1000017-9258
Data di inizio: 2007-02-01, Termine: 2009-01-31
In the framework of our proposal we plan to investigate physical processes in the early universe such as: generation of primordial helicity, phenomenological models of Lorentz invariance and parity violation, sources of non-Gaussianity in the anisotropies of the CMB. We will t...
Programme: IC-INTAS
Record Number: 86197
Last updated on: 2017-03-16
ID: INTAS 2006-1000017-8930
Data di inizio: 2007-01-01, Termine: 2008-12-31
The Greater Caucasus is presently, one of the world's major oil provinces, and area of geostrategic and geopolitical importance to western countries. The largest concessions for oil exploration and exploitation in the Black and Caspian Seas and are in the hands of large foreig...
Programme: IC-INTAS
Record Number: 86190
Last updated on: 2017-03-16
ID: INTAS 2006-1000017-8777
Data di inizio: 2007-01-01, Termine: 2008-12-31
An investigation of energetic solar particle events is proposed. The use of large area particle detectors which can only be accommodated at Earth surface is vital for measuring the low fluxes of high energy particles accelerated in the vicinity of the Sun. The enigma of partic...
Programme: IC-INTAS
Record Number: 86185
Last updated on: 2017-03-16
ID: INTAS 2005-103-7544
Data di inizio: 2006-06-01, Termine: 2008-11-30
The proposed construction of the aerogel focusing RICH detector will extend the momentum interval of charged particle indentification up to 10 GeV/c for pion-kaon separation and to 14 GeV/c for kaon-proton separation.
Programme: IC-INTAS
Record Number: 86140
Last updated on: 2017-03-16
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