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Le informazioni sui progetti di Orizzonte 2020 e ora anche le relative sintesi delle relazioni sono disponibili su CORDIS. Tutti i progetti H2020 possono essere scaricati dal Portale Open Data dell'UE .

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Code of Good Practice for Farm Animal Breeding and Reproduction
ID: 506506
Data di inizio: 2004-02-01, Termine: 2005-07-31
The European farm animal breeding and reproduction organisations organised in FAIR (Farm Animal Industrial Platform) will develop, discuss and implement a Code of Good Practice for Farm Animal Breeding and Reproduction. SME representatives will develop the technical elements ...
Programme: FP6-FOOD
Record Number: 74160
Last updated on: 2014-10-14
Towards a new generation of healthier and tastier ready-to-eat meals with fresh ingredients
ID: 23182
Data di inizio: 2006-09-01, Termine: 2009-12-31
The double fresh project aims to raise ready-to-eat meals to a higher quality level. In accordance with the demand of consumers, meals will be improved along with the following dimensions: more appealing, fresher (shelf life), tastier and healthier (special focus on obesity), ...
Programme: FP6-FOOD
Record Number: 79865
Last updated on: 2014-01-10
Development of high throughput approaches to optimise the nutritional value of crops and crop-based foods
ID: 36296
Data di inizio: 2007-02-01, Termine: 2010-07-31
Plant metabolites play a key role in human health and well-being, thus the improvement of nutritional composition in breeding programmes and the optimisation of nutrients in product formulations have become important targets. This degree of continued sophistication in vertical...
Programme: FP6-FOOD
Record Number: 84237
Last updated on: 2013-12-06
Cutting edge genomics for sustainable animal breeding
ID: 16250
Data di inizio: 2006-04-01, Termine: 2010-09-30
SABRE will provide the fundamental knowledge of the genomics and epigenetics of animal health, food safety and food quality traits of livestock species, together with the strategies to deliver such technologies for use in selection. This will enable producers to move animal br...
Programme: FP6-FOOD
Record Number: 84798
Last updated on: 2013-08-05
Development of improved tools for detection of paratuberculosis in livestock, M.paratuberculosis in food and for the assessment of the risk of human exposure
ID: 23106
Data di inizio: 2006-06-01, Termine: 2010-05-31
This project directly addresses Task ( Mycobacterium avium sub-species paratuberculosis (Map) diagnosis and control of the thematic area 5 (Food Quality and Safety). Paratuberculosis, a chronic wasting disease in ruminants, is causing significant production losses to ...
Programme: FP6-FOOD
Record Number: 79858
Last updated on: 2013-03-27
Survey on the research landscape in the Associated Candidate Countries formonitoring and promoting Good Quality Meat production - the whole food-chainfrom farm to fork of Poultry and Pork Meat
ID: 510416
Data di inizio: 2004-05-01, Termine: 2006-04-30
The proposal is Specific Support Action to promote the co-operation between European and Associated Candidate Countries on research activities in the specific field of quality and safety of meat. The proposers, through the development of this project proposal, will support on ...
Programme: FP6-FOOD
Record Number: 84801
Last updated on: 2013-03-26
Assessment and dissemination of strategies for the extraction of BIOACTIVE-NET compounds from tomato, olive and grape processing residues
ID: 43035
Data di inizio: 2006-11-01, Termine: 2008-11-30
Cultivation and processing of tomato, olive, and grape are the main agricultural businesses in the South European countries. Production of tomato paste, olive oil, and grape juice/wine, respectively, lead to the generation of millions of tons of processing residues, which are ...
Programme: FP6-FOOD
Record Number: 80095
Last updated on: 2013-03-26
New Technologies to Screen Multiple Chemical Contaminants in Foods: Biocop
ID: 6988
Data di inizio: 2005-01-01, Termine: 2010-09-30
Chemical taminant monitoring in foodstuffs is a highly important and complex issue. A huge investment in time and effort is placed on these activities by regulatory and industrial laboratories. As demands from sumers and regulators grow to improve the quality and safety of foo...
Programme: FP6-FOOD
Record Number: 75936
Last updated on: 2013-03-26
EaRly Nutrition programming- long term Efficacy and Safety Trials and integrated epidemiological, genetic, animal, consumer and economic research. [EARNEST]
ID: 7036
Data di inizio: 2005-04-15, Termine: 2010-10-14
What is known: post-natal nutritional programming of adult health is demonstrated by 1 Experi- mental animal studies 2 Historical; prospective human observational studies linking size at birth & infancy with adult disease 3 Experimental studies in selected groups of humans wit...
Programme: FP6-FOOD
Record Number: 75938
Last updated on: 2013-03-26
Enhancement and Exploitation of Soil Biocontrol Agents for Bio-Constraint Management in Crops
ID: 1687
Data di inizio: 2004-01-01, Termine: 2006-12-31
In the last years increasing difficulties have appeared in vegetable crops to manage some diseases, such as those caused by Sclerotinia, Fusarium or Pythium spp., or some noxious plants, such as parasitic and perennial weeds. This is in part due to the lack of available effica...
Programme: FP6-FOOD
Record Number: 74126
Last updated on: 2013-03-26
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