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Vaccine safety and immunogenicity signatures of human responses to VSV-ZEBOV
ID: 115842
Data rozpoczęcia: 2015-03-01, Data zakończenia: 2018-02-28
The proposal, VSV-EBOVAC, directly addresses the topic 1 of the IMI2 call on Ebola by supporting the clinical development of a highly promising new Ebola vaccine candidate, the vesicular stomatitis virus (VSV)‐ vectored Zaire Ebola vaccine (VSV-ZEBOV). In non-human primates...
Programme: H2020-EU.
Record Number: 209443
Last updated on: 2017-06-10
ID: 116068
Data rozpoczęcia: 2016-04-01, Data zakończenia: 2021-03-31
The vesicular stomatitis virus (VSV)-Zaire Ebola vaccine (VSV-ZEBOV) is a recombinant vector-based vaccine in which the VSV envelope glycoprotein was replaced with the Zaire strain Ebola virus glycoprotein. Within one year of the initiation of its clinical development, the...
Programme: H2020-EU.3.1.
Record Number: 211191
Last updated on: 2017-06-16
The targeted development of a new generation Vaccine for Schistosomiasis
ID: 242107
Data rozpoczęcia: 2010-02-01, Data zakończenia: 2014-07-31
The aim of this project is to develop a new generation vaccine for schistosomiasis. The vaccine will be based on exposed proteins and/or glycans of the vulnerable skin stage schistosomula, making it safe and effective. The life stage-specific vaccine target selection strategy...
Programme: FP7-HEALTH
Record Number: 94065
Last updated on: 2017-05-25
Dissecting the Immunological Interplay between Poverty Related Diseases and Helminth Infections: An African-European Research Initiative
ID: 241642
Data rozpoczęcia: 2010-03-01, Data zakończenia: 2015-08-31
Worm infections are receiving increased attention due to: the wide geographic overlap in occurrence between worms and HIV, TB and malaria; the large proportion of individuals (minimal estimates around 25%) co-infected with worms and HIV/TB/ malaria; the potential risk of incr...
Programme: FP7-HEALTH
Record Number: 94020
Last updated on: 2017-05-25
Support EO-driven forest and carbon monitoring in Central Africa for REDD
ID: 263005
Data rozpoczęcia: 2011-02-01, Data zakończenia: 2013-01-31
REDDiness is a development project built on an international partnership between state-of-the-art entities specialized in forest management and earth observation techniques that aims to assist Gabon and the Republic of Congo in establishing their national forest monitoring ce...
Programme: FP7-SPACE
Record Number: 97903
Last updated on: 2017-05-26
Awareness in Africa: Disseminating Knowledge on EGNOS and Galileo in Africa to Foster Local and Regional Development
ID: 287216
Data rozpoczęcia: 2012-02-15, Data zakończenia: 2013-11-14
The purpose of the Project is to create a practical link between Europe and Africa in the domain of satellite based navigation and positioning and related applications, particularly focusing on awareness dissemination, transfer of basic knowledge and education activities. As ...
Programme: FP7-TRANSPORT
Record Number: 208278
Last updated on: 2017-02-23
Developing and Testing a novel, low-cost, effective HOOKworm VACcine to Control Human Hookworm Infection in endemic countries
ID: 602843
Data rozpoczęcia: 2013-10-01, Data zakończenia: 2019-03-31
Approximately 600-700 million people are infected by hookworm, primarily in sub-Saharan Africa, Southeast Asia, and Latin America. Hookworm infection ranks number one in terms of Years Lost from Disability from a neglected infectious disease, and among the top 3 in terms of l...
Programme: FP7-HEALTH
Record Number: 109608
Last updated on: 2017-06-26
Clinical and pre-clinical evaluation of fosmidomycin and its derivates as antimalarial drugs
ID: ICA4-CT-2001-10078
Data rozpoczęcia: 2002-01-01, Data zakończenia: 2004-12-31
The present project will help to develop fosmidomycin, an inhibitor of the DOXP reductoisomerase, into an antimalarial drug. In parallel to the clinical evaluation of fosmidomycin in human volunteers, tests with derivatives of fosmidomycin with demonstrably improved pharmacolo...
Programme: FP5-INCO 2
Record Number: 60224
Last updated on: 2005-04-12
ID: FI2W0071
Data rozpoczęcia: 1991-01-01, Data zakończenia: 1995-06-30
The Uranium ore body in Oklo is a unique subject in the world, as natural fission reactions occurred there two billion years ago. It provides opportunities for the study of natural analogy with deep radioactive waste disposal, specially radionuclide mass transfer processes to ...
Programme: FP2-RADWASTOM 4C
Record Number: 3787
Last updated on: 1996-01-09
Selection and development of Microbicides for mucosal use to prevent sexual HIV transmission / acquisition.
ID: 503162
Data rozpoczęcia: 2004-03-01, Data zakończenia: 2009-08-31
The main objective of this 4 years IP is the development, up to clinical phase I, of a specific HIV microbicide for the prevention of sexual transmission/acquisition of HIV, based on the interruption of viral replication at the mucosal level. Some members of a new class of non...
Record Number: 75277
Last updated on: 2010-12-15
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