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Informacje o projektach programu „Horyzont 2020” , a teraz także streszczenia sprawozdań , są dostępne w serwisie CORDIS. Wszystkie projekty H2020 można pobrać z Portalu Otwartych Danych UE .

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ID: 792
This project aimed to produce, for inclusion in a support environment, the design of a portable optimising compiler capable of generating code of the highest quality. Therefore the major objective was to study the effectiveness of the Ada compiler optimisations, particularly t...
Programme: PRE-MAP
Record Number: 17321
Last updated on: 1994-01-29
ID: 755
Programme: PRE-MAP
Record Number: 17310
Last updated on: 1994-01-29
ID: 778
This was a fairly ambitious project aiming to cover a variety of topics including : specification of high level languages for data definition and data manipulation, studying methods for integrating the DDL's and DML's (data definition languages and data manipulation languages)...
Programme: PRE-MAP
Record Number: 17332
Last updated on: 1994-01-29
ID: 761B
The prime aim of the project was to validate the formal solutions identified in MAP 761 in a series of studies and experiments.
Programme: PRE-MAP
Record Number: 17333
Last updated on: 1990-11-16
ID: 761
The aim of the project was to produce a proposal for a general multi-database architecture adapted to standard ISO/OSI services. This would involve defining a DDBS structure and an appropriate design methodology.
Programme: PRE-MAP
Record Number: 17329
Last updated on: 1990-11-16
ID: 773B
The prime aim of the project was to implement the chosen architecture in a series of industrial prototypes and evaluate these.
Programme: PRE-MAP
Record Number: 17334
Last updated on: 1994-01-29
ID: 1018
The project produced practical security advice, in the form of a book, for users of small and medium sized systems. The title of the book published was: SECURITY FOR SMALL COMPUTER SYSTEMS A Practical Guide for Users Published by Elsevier ISBN 0 946395 35 7 The bo...
Programme: PRE-MAP
Record Number: 17326
Last updated on: 1990-11-13
ID: 1003
The project was case-study based and this combined with the active participation of the other sponsors sought by the contractors meant that the project involved directly many of the major actors in this area. The sponsors included : British Telecommunications, Digital Equip...
Programme: PRE-MAP
Record Number: 17323
Last updated on: 1990-11-13
ID: 2566
The aim of the project was to establish a complete design specification for a distributed database system : compatibility of logical models, transnational operation, relationship with current practice.
Programme: PRE-MAP
Record Number: 17330
Last updated on: 1994-01-29
ID: 1029
This was an interesting and ambitious project which aimed to examine, in a wider sense, the economic and productive areas where the dependence on information systems is particularly significant.
Programme: PRE-MAP
Record Number: 17328
Last updated on: 1994-01-29
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