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FINAL REPORT: Recycling and upgrading of bone meal for environmentally friendly crop protection and nutrition

Project ID: 514082
Funded under: FP6-FOOD


The overall goal of the PROTECTOR project was the added value upgrading and valorisation of pure organic waste streams (such as high Phosphorus containing food industrial hog animal bone meal and other agro/food industrial by-products) into high value, safe and useful products by integrated thermal inactivation and biotechnological recycling and reuse. The application driven science and technology, research and development, engineered optimization and economical industrial scale- up resulted innovative IPR-protected knowledge base and comprehensive technology.

Animal bone meal is left over from the hog food industry, which after specific thermal treatment up to 850 ºC carbonization process, contains high concentrations (>90%) of natural minerals and carbon (<10%), Calcium and Magnesium Phosphates, free from any contamination. The porous structure of the biotech specific solid carrier offers to the microbes a protected niche when introduced into soil. This product, therefore (called 'animal bone char' or 'ABC'), can be economically and efficiently used as a carrier for biological control agents or other beneficial microorganisms, whilst delivering natural P and Ca for plant growth.

The PROTECTOR process upgrades the food industrial by-products into high added value, safe, economical and efficient biological crop protection, plant growth promotion and natural fertilization products for environmentally friendly horticultural cultivations in soil and soil-less cultivations of lowinput
and organic farming.

During the development of the PROTECTOR product, incorporating natural fertilizer with biocontrol capabilities, the following regulation and guidelines were applied: (1) EU regulation 91/414 EEC, (2) US EPA guidelines, (3) authority product application permit test methods, regulation and recommendations.

The following 4 milestones (M) have been successfully achieved:
- In M1 animal bone waste recycling and upgrading strategies from the food industry for

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