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Final Report - SANES (Integrated self-adjusting nano-electronic sensors)

Project ID: 17310
Funded under: FP6-IST


SANES was a European funded project within the Sixth Framework Programme (FP6) whose general objective was to develop an integrated self-adjusting nanoelectronic sensor based on functionalised Carbon nanotubes (CNTs) acting as active elements. The multifunctional micro-module sensor consisted of a matrix of differently functionalised CNTs which were integrated into an electronics package which were able to:
- record and analyse the signal of a very small number of sensing elements;
- monitor several factors such as temperature, pressure, gas atmosphere at the same time;
- actively change the characteristics of the sensor so that its response be optimised according to the measurement needs of a changing environment.

The novelty of the SANES concept introduced was that the sensor was able to dynamically self-adjust its behaviour so that it corresponds to the changing user measurement requirements. This multiplexing behaviour was achieved by integrating the carbon nanotube sensing elements into a matrix which was able changing the sensor characteristics.

The achievements of the project were the following:
- tens of 1x1 cm patterned substrates containing carbon nanotubes were prepared;
- over 100 pieces of carbon nanotube-based nanosensor devices (chips) were prepared by the partners;
- a fully functional prototype device was realised;
- the most important goal of SANES was to develop a sensor device with superior multiplexing capability, namely a device which is able to react to changes and tune its individual sensor elements in such a way that its chemical selectivity remains high.

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