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Final Report - ARRAYSBS (Array based sequencing-by-synthesis)

Project ID: 17623
Funded under: FP6-SME


ARRAYSBS was a European funded project within the Sixth Framework Programme (FP6) whose ultimate aim was to provide proof-of-principle for the Sequencing-by-synthesis (SBS) setting on an array of primer features where the three-prime-end (3'-end) of the primer is extended with a reversible terminator. This new system would permit cycles of incorporation of one single nucleotide and its immediate identification. Hence, it was not based on gel electrophoresis and consequently, would improve throughput and reduce costs substantially while at the same time increase accuracy.

The specific operational objectives of the project were to:
- develop and synthesise three DNTPs with blocked 3'-end and labeled with a fluorescent dye;
- identify and develop a DNA polymerase that accepts the dye labeled reversible terminators;
- develop a microfluidic device prototype that allows array SBS reactions by integrating incubation steps at various temperatures with controlled agitation of reaction components over the entire area of a microarray including washing and regeneration procedures;
- develop bioinformatics tools for primer design and for analysis of SBS generated data. The base-caller should be modified and suitable primers for p53-re-sequencing should be identified;
- validate the technology through the re-sequencing assay of a coding sequence of a gene.

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