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  • Ausschreibung über Zertifizierungsdienste zur Unterstützung der elektronischen Kommunikation zwischen den Dienststellen der Kommission und Rechtspersonen im Zusammenhang mit FuE-programmen der Gemeinschaft. Leistungsbeschreibung


The European Commission is planning to conclude a contract for the provision of services to be provided by a \"Certification Service Provider for Electronic Signatures\", whose role would mainly consist of certification tasks and any other tasks which the Commission would entrust to it, as set out in more detail in this document. This document consists of five parts:

Part A: Technical description of the service;
Part B: Administrative information - conditions;
Part C: General terms and conditions applicable to contracts;
Part D: Standard form concerning the exclusion criteria;
Part E: Standard contract and its annexes.

The text of the call for tenders can be found at

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