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This booklet is an introduction to ESPRIT, the Programme for Research and Technological Development in Information Technologies. It forms part of a package of information which is designed to help you understand the priorities and requirements of the programme. It will enable you to decide whether to submit a proposal and provides practical guidance on preparing a project proposal. 'An introduction for proposers' will give you a rapid overview of the areas covered by ESPRIT and the way it works. It will help you assess which actions are relevant to your organization and to select which of the separate booklets describing the different parts of the programme you need to use. It is designed to save you time and effort by helping you select the documents you need to plan a proposal.

The ESPRIT Information Package is made up of three parts:

- This introductory brochure which you should normally read first;
- Work Programme - which sets out the scientific and technical areas covered by ESPRIT;
- Guides for proposers - a set of 20 separate booklets providing details of how to apply for funding for specific activities.

Download ESPRIT: An introduction for proposers. Guide for proposers. Edition February 1996 (305111)

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