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Final Report - HER2 MAMMARYSTEMCELL (The influence of Her2 status on mammary stem/progenitor cells)

Project ID: 236788
Funded under: FP7-PEOPLE


This is an attachment to the final activity report of the EU-funded HER2 MAMMARYSTEMCELL project, which aimed to investigate the role of human epidermal growth factor receptor two (Erbb2) in the normal mouse mammary gland and establish the relation of Erbb2 expression and the cell of origin and tumour development of associated breast carcinomas.

The document presents three figures that illustrate the project findings. The first outlines a complex network of paracrine signalling where luminal cells regulate basal signalling activity and vice versa. The second diagram analyses that Murine mammary tumour virus Neu (MMTV-Neu) cell fractions over-express several receptors when compared to their normal counterparts. Finally, the third figure highlights the presence of similar MMTV-Neu patterns in tumour cells.

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