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Final Report - ENDASYM (Asymmetric endosomes in asymmetric cell division and tumorigenesis)

Project ID: 237198
Funded under: FP7-PEOPLE


This document is an attachment to the final activity report of the EU-funded ENDASYM project, which aimed to uncover the relation between endosomal dynamics, stem cell self-renewal and brain tumorigenesis using the Sensory organ precursor cells (SOPs) of the drosophila notum as a model system.

Therefore, the undertaken research focussed on the interaction of notch receptor and its ligand delta with endosomes characterised by the presence of the Smad anchor for receptor activation (Sara) protein. Moreover, the uninflatable (uif) protein, a direct link between Sara endosomes' asymmetry and the control of notch signalling was discovered.

This document presents a series of figures summarising the project major findings to provide an overview of the implemented methodologies and approaches.

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