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This is a guide to OMI central organiZation - Task 5.11 and OMI User Support Network (Task 5.12). The guide needs to be used with: the ESPRIT Work Programme (specifically Domain - 5 OMI) which outlines the technical coverage and priority research and development themes for the programme.
The overall goal of the Open Micro-Processor Systems Initiative (OMI) is to provide Europe with a strong capability in efficient, cost-effective, and re-usable microprocessor-based systems design through the development of an open environment for the design and production of micro-processor systems, particularly for embedded markets. The key pillars of OMI are:

- The Eurocell library and interfaces;
- Micro-kernel technology with open interfaces;
- Architecture neutral distribution format (ANDF);
- SLI library of software components;
- Portability and design tools;
- Application demonstrators;
- Technology transfer and dissemination.

- OMI aims to provide two key results:

- 1. Innovation in, and ease of design and applications of microprocessor-based systems;

- 2. Microprocessor software portability

with the overall effect of improving time-to-market and decreasing costs of developing microprocessor-based systems.

Download ESPRIT: OMI User Support Network and Management Organization. Guide for proposers. Edition February 1996 (581537)

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