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This guide to Leveraging Actions Forms one part of the Information Technologies programme Information Package. It provides guidance for organizations considering making a proposal for a Leveraging Action Project (task 1.33). The guide needs to be used with two other documents:

- The call for proposals which provides details of the most recent submission dates and overall budget;
- ESPRIT Work Programme which outlines the technical coverage and priority research and development themes for the programme.

leveraging Actions is a special type of Preparatory, Support and Technology Transfer Activity in the software technologies domain. Leveraging Actions are actions needed to facilitate the uptake of technology resulting from the implementation of the software technologies Work Programme. Leveraging Actions should provide a suitable mechanism to build confidence in almost mature (generic) technologies as well as to characterize, enable and promote their deployment. Typically, they would contribute to achieving the following goals:

- To ensure a continuous and effective user input and feedback throughout the programme;
- To actively expose projects and trial applications to industrial sectors identified or perceived as target clients of their results;
- To stimulate a greater involvement of user industry sectors in up-take of IT programme results;
- To effectively disseminate information about results (of both RTD projects and trial applications).

Download ESPRIT: Leveraging Actions for Software Technologies. Guide for proposers. Edition February 1996 (236821)

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