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  • Aufforderung zur Bewerbung als Sachverständige Erstellung einer Sachverständigenliste für die Bewertung der Vorschläge für TEN-Telecom Projekte von gemeinsamem Interesse im Bereich der transeuropäischen telekommunikationsnetze (2000-2002)


The EU s TEN-Telecom initiative promotes the use of global telecommunications networks in areas with a high socio-economic value. The rapid extension of new information technologies has led to the apparition of a wealth of communication services. TEN-Telecom aims to promote compatible telecommunications systems and standards and to make sure that services developed in most cases at national, local or sectoral levels can be extended at European level, for the benefit of a larger community.

The Commission is now inviting applications for the compilation of a list of experts for the provision of assistance with the technical evaluation of proposals following calls for proposals, the review of projects, and the overall evaluation of the TEN-Telecom action.

Applicants who are already on the lists of experts drawn up for the implementation of the TEN Telecom Action 1997-1999 and who wish to participate in providing assistance in the TEN Telecom Action 2000-2002 must submit a fresh application.

Accompanying this call for proposals is an (Information Dossier), an (Application form, Annex 1) and a (List of Codes, Annex 2) for completing the form.

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