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"The project comprises investigation of the technical and economical possibilities of large-scale offshore wind farms at 3 locations in the eastern Danish waters: Rødsand and Gedser Rev located south of the islands of Falster and Lolland and Omø Stågrunde located south-west of the island of Zealand plus experiences obtained from British and German offshore wind energy projects.

The project has been performed by SK Power Company i/s, represented by SEAS A.m.b.A., Wind Power Department, together with 5 European partners.

The project included wind and wave measurements at the above 3 locations, data collection, data processing, meteorological analysis, modelling of wind turbine structure, studies of grid connection, design and optimisation of foundations plus estimates of investments and operation and maintenance costs.

The overall conclusions of the project include:

- Areas are available for large scale offshore wind farms in the Danish waters.
- A large wind potential is found on the sites.
- Park layouts for projects consisting of around 100 wind turbines each has been developed.
- Design of the foundations has been optimised radically compared to previous designs.
- A large potential for optimising of the wind turbine design and operation has been found.
- Grid connection of the first proposed large wind farms is possible with only minor reinforcement of the transmission system.
- The visual impact is not prohibitive for the projects.
- A production cost of 4-5 ECUcent/kWh is competitive with current onshore projects.
- The planned accuracy of ?10% on cost estimates during the project was not achieved. This accuracy would have required a continuos data-set from all offshore masts for at least one year. However, the planned accuracy is expected to be achieved in short time after the finalisation of the project.
- The environmental issues were initially not planned to be studied in details, however, especially the possible visual impacts of

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