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Final Report - EURIPIDES (European research initiative to develop imaging probes for early In-vivo diagnosis and evaluation of response to therapeutic substances)

Project ID: 201380
Funded under: FP7-HEALTH


This is the final report for the EURIPIDES project which received funding under the European Commission (EC)'s Seventh Framework Programme (FP7). The general aim of EURIPIDES was to develop in vivo imaging biomarker of multidrug transporter function as a generic tool for the prediction, diagnosis, monitoring and prognosis of major central nervous system (CNS) diseases. The report starts with an executive summary providing a general overview of the project and then further explains the project context and outlines its specific objectives. The work performed concerned the development of suitable radiotracers that would be ideal for positron emission tomography (PET) imaging. The report discusses the activities undertaken and the related outcomes which are classified in eight work packages. Finally, the report covers an overview of the potential impact of results and the dissemination activities.

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