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First Activity Summary Report - ESDRED (Engineering Studies and Demonstrations of Repository Designs)

Project ID: 508851


This is a periodic report of the ESDRED project funded under the European Commission (EC)'s Sixth Framework Programme (FP6). The aim of the project was to demonstrate the technical feasibility at an industrial scale for activities carried out to construct, operate and close a deep geological repository, and at the same time comply with requirements on long-term safely, operational salty, irretrievability and monitoring. The first year of the project, which terminated at the end of January 2005, can be characterised as a success given that all major objectives for the year were achieved. In particular each of the four technical modules produced a first deliverable dealing with 'input data and functional requirements'. This document is intended to be the foundation on which the rest of the Module work can build. Secondly, an experts committee was recruited, debated and finally appointed for the five year term of the project.

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