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Decommissioning Nuclear Power Plants Report - CND (Co-ordination Network of Decommissioning of Nuclear Installations)

Project ID: 508855


This report has been prepared under the sixth work package of the CND project funded under the European Commission (EC)'s Sixth Framework Programme (FP6). An environmental impact assessment (EIA) identifies and assesses a project's likely significant environmental effects and enables proposals in order to eliminate or mitigate the potential impacts of the activities. As a main part of its body, the methodology supporting this process also includes the involvement of the public in the project decision-making process in an active and effective manner. Aware of these issues, in the past few years European and international organisations have taken a leading role in consolidating environmental legislation. Nowadays with a more and more consolidated legislation in Europe, the consciousness appears of the importance of covering aspects related to communication and involvement of the public. Great efforts are taken in this direction in order to precisely identify the stakeholders, and especially the public as one of these, to improve the way of integration in the process from the early stages, not only because it is mandatory under the European Union (EU) framework but also for minimising future misunderstanding and for taking those actions that are considered to be relevant for the people in the surroundings. On the other hand, in a decommissioning project the main concerns for the public in the surroundings of an industrial area are those related to the socio-economic aspects involved in the loss of the industrial activity and the impoverishment of the area. These concerns are usually not considered in the environmental impact assessment process but are crucial to understand the needs of the public in those areas, putting pressure on local administrations to control and participate closely in the process. This report covers these aspects by reviewing the 'state-of-the-art' of the environmental impact assessment process in terms of public participation, especially in the

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