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Dissemination of Know How Report - CND (Co-ordination Network of Decommissioning of Nuclear Installations)

Project ID: 508855


This report has been prepared under the seventh work package of the CND project funded under the European Commission (EC)'s Sixth Framework Programme (FP6). The main aim of work package seven was to promote the use of the completely implemented database on technical and cost aspects of decommissioning (EC-DB-NET2) and to ensure that the collected information was made available to all interested parties involved in decommissioning activities. In addition, the educative situation within the EC Member States and the need for training related to dismantling and decontamination were investigated. This report provides a list with basic review of dismantling and decontamination techniques, including some typical characteristics if available, as well as aspects of implementation, parameters and safety aspects of dismantling and decontamination techniques in decommissioning costing. In addition, the organisation of dismantling and decontamination techniques in databases, implementation of dismantling and decontamination techniques in the structure of the 'Proposed standardised list of items for costing purposes' (PSL) and the selection of dismantling and decontamination techniques for calculation in decommissioning costing is discussed. In general, the document represents an overview of the state-of-the-art in the area based on different documents to which participants of the CND have contributed in a substantial way.

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