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Executive Summary - RISC-RAD (DNA damage responses, Genomic instability and Radiation-Induced Cancer: The problem of risk at low and protracted doses)

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This is the final report of the RISC-RAD project funded under the European Commission (EC)'s Sixth Framework Programme (FP6). The project was initiated in 2004 to carry out research contributing to the improvement of the management of health risks attributable to low dose ionizing radiation exposures. The report reveals that the project has served as a European focus for a wide range of research of relevance to radiation protection. New evidence concerning the processes that drive radiation carcinogenesis has been obtained. More evidence was also gathered on the role of genetic factors in modifying risk in individuals and population sub-groups. This evidence does not point to a need to reconsider the use of LNT approaches to cancer risk projection but does highlight the complexity of the biological response to radiation at different dose levels particularly when considered at the level of the whole organism. For the future, it is clear that the combined and integrated application of experimental and mathematical modelling approaches at the system level and organism level will continue to provide insights into the magnitude of radiation cancer risk at all dose levels.

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