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  • Amended proposal for a Council decision concerning the specific programme 2002 2006 for research, technology development and demonstration aimed at integrating and strengthening the European Research Area. - COM(2001) 594 final


The Commission submitted its proposals for Decisions concerning the Framework Programme 2002-2006 on 21 February 2001 and its proposals for the associated Specific Programmes on 30 May 2001.

During the course of the debate on the Framework Programme, and to ensure that this is conducted under the best conditions, the Commission has subsequently indicated its intention to provide further information to the Council and European Parliament, in respect of the activities to be carried out under the heading "Anticipating the EU�s scientific and technological needs", in the form of a modified proposal for the specific programme "Integrating and strengthening the European Research Area".

The present proposal fulfils this commitment, and provides the further information needed by the Council and European Parliament to understand the full implications of this part of the Commission�s proposals, which equip the Framework Programme with a means to anticipate, and respond quickly to, emerging needs and new scientific and technological developments.

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