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Proposal for a Council Regulation on the establishment of the GALILEO Joint Undertaking. - COM(2001) 336 final

Funded under: FP5-GROWTH


Satellite radionavigation is a technology consisting in the transmission in orbit of signals, which indicate the time extremely accurately. A receiver picking up the signals from a constellation of several satellites can then determine very accurately at any given moment not only the exact time but also the user's position in terms of longitude, latitude and altitude. This technology therefore has a clear strategic importance, and it is likely to generate considerable economic benefits.
The European Union cannot afford to be completely dependent on a third country in such a strategic area. That is why, as requested by the Council in March 1998, the Commission put forward in its Communication of 10 February 1999 an independent satellite radionavigation programme, to be known as GALILEO, to be developed in four phases. The Commission is proposing the establishment of a Joint Undertaking on the basis of Article 171 of the Treaty establishing the European Community. The aim is to ensure a single management structure for the Galileo programme and, to this end, to mobilize in one and the same legal entity all the funds assigned to the programme, which, as things stand at present, essentially concerns the European Community and the European Space Agency. For this purpose, it is necessary to have a flexible structure with legal personality that is capable of concluding the contracts needed to establish a European satellite radionavigation system, and step up the necessary research and technological development efforts.

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