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  • The impact of the e-Economy on European enterprises: economic analysis and policy implications. - Communication from the Commission to the Council and the European Parliament. - COM(2001) 711 final


The Commission is keeping the impact of Information and communication technology (ICT) on the economy, on enterprises and on the main economic policy instruments under constant scrutiny. The present Communication reviews the impact of the e-Economy on European enterprises in the light of the recent market developments and of the numerous contributions on this topic.

This Communication further contributes detailed analysis confirming the appropriateness of the strategy that the European Union has been following in recent years. ICT is producing an acceleration in the pace of technological progress, which will be best exploited in circumstances where enterprises are stimulated to adapt to a new environment and where new enterprises are created, expand and replace older ones.

This Communication suggests targeted activities, improving action already under way to foster the take up of ICT, to integrate it with converging production technologies, to increase the availability of the necessary skills, to further exploit the opportunities of the internal market, to encourage innovation and to support research.

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