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  • Science and Society: Action plan. - Communication from the Commission to the Council, the European Parliament, the Economic and Social Committee and the Committee of the Regions. - COM(2001) 714 final


The Commission will focus its attention in this action plan on a selected limited number of actions of high Community added value designed to:
- Promote scientific and education culture in Europe;
- Bring science policies closer to citizens;
- Put responsible science at the heart of policy making.

The activities planned under these themes will be conducted in close cooperation with Member States and the candidate countries, and - beyond Europe - with third countries and international organizations. Numerous players will be involved: local and regional public authorities, the general public, civil society, industry, etc.
The Commission will act as a catalyst, using all the means available at Community level and especially its research policy instruments (networking, accompanying measures). It is clear, however, in the context of the European Research Area that significant results can be expected only if Member States themselves make an all-out effort in a joint, coordinated approach with the Commission. It is also important to stress that this action plan is part of a gradual process in which the monitoring of specific indicators, the assessment of the impacts of the activities adopted and the regular review of the action plan will require the active involvement of all the parties. Finally, the future-oriented nature of the goals should not conceal the urgency of certain problems and the Commission has taken care to set sufficiently early deadlines to maintain the momentum over the next few years. The activities will be launched by the Commission as of 2002.

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