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This study sums up the composition and biomass of phyto-plankton and chlorophyll levels in Lake Varese. The phyto-plankton population of the lake is characteristic of a heavily eutrophic environment. The most relevant factor is the high density of the algal population in the water column that accounts for 600 million cells per m3 in Summer, when Cyanophyceae (Microcystis wesenbergii) and chlorophyceae (Scenedesmus quadricauda, Coelastrum reticulatum, Chlamydomonas sp.) are dominant. According to OCDE, lake Varese can be classified as a hypertropic lake since it has an average yearly value of algal biomass of 15/cm3./m3 (range: 2-68 cm3./m3). With regard to chlorophyll levels, the results of this research point out that the extraction by acetone 90% under-estimates chlorophyll concentrations by 20-40%. A mean annual value of chlorophyll equivalent to 66 mg/m3 in the euphotic zone has been calculated.

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Authors: BINDA S, JRC Ispra Estab. (IT);PASINETTI E, JRC Ispra Estab. (IT);PREMAZZI G, JRC Ispra Estab. (IT)
Bibliographic Reference: EUR 11829 IT (1988) 145 pp.
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