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Lithium-lead alloy samples, Pb-17Li with lithium in natural abundance were irradiated in closed capsules and one plenum swept capsule. The design of the irradiation facility permitted independent in-situ tritium release measurements, to study tritium permeation through the capsule walls and tritium extraction by plenum sweeping with a helium +0.1vol% hydrogen purge gas. The alloy was irradiated at NET relevant conditions. Temperature transients between 600 and 680 K were performed to study tritium release kinetics. The experimental results indicate that steady state tritium release by permeation was achieved at temperatures above 580 K. The typical in-situ tritium residence times for temperatures between 600 and 680 K ranged from 12 to 2.2 hours. The apparent diffusion coefficient of tritium in the alloy is 3.5xE-10_m2/s at 645 K. 47% of the produced tritium was extracted by plenum sweeping at temperatures >580K. Tritium was released in HT form. The data seem to show that the eutectic alloy has a very low capability to confine tritium.

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Authors: CONRAD R, JRC Petten Estab. (NL);DEBARBERIS L, JRC Petten Estab. (NL)
Bibliographic Reference: Paper presented: 15th SOFT Conference, Utrecht (NL), Sept.19-23 1988
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