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  • Bath activation and enhancement of the metallurgical reactions in the electric arc furnace (EAF) by means of inert gas injection through the bottom of the furnace


The purpose of the present investigation was to develop a bottom stirring technology for the electric arc furnace. The evaluation of the trial and of the reference heats revealed that, on average, the bottom stirred heats had a lower carbon content in the metal bath of approximately 0.02% . At the same time, the iron content in the slag was about 5% lower. The advantage of the tested operating mode decreased with the flow rate of stirring gas. Similarly, the oxygen contents in the metal were lower and closer to the %[C] x %[O] - equilibrium relationship. If nitrogen is used until the beginning of the refining period and from this point on argon is used during the remaining time until tapping, the final nitrogen content is only about 5ppm higher, on average, than in the reference heats. The same high level of electric power as in the reference heats can be maintained up to total gas flow rates of about 70m3(stp)/h (17.5m3(stp)/tuyere.h). Due to bottom stirring, a decreased heat cycle time of 2.5 min on average and a decreased total energy consumption of about 10 to 20kWh/t raw steel was observed.

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Authors: WOLF J, Thyssen Stahl AG, Duisberg (DE);WINTERFELD F, Thyssen Stahl AG, Duisberg (DE)
Bibliographic Reference: EUR 11682 DE (1988) 63 pp.
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