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The structure of Tris (1-3-n-indenyl)-iodouranium is described. The title compound is not isostructural with its Cl and Br analogues although the geometry of the coordination polyhedron about the U is identical in the three derivatives. The U atom is surrounded by three indenyl rings and one iodide atom in an approximately tetrahedral configuration. As for U.[C(9)H(7)](3).Cl and U.[C(9)H(7)](3).Br, the orientation of the indenyl rings and the shorter bonds observed between the U atom and the three non-bridging C atoms from the five-membered ring of each indenyl moiety suggest a trihapto character of the metal-carbon bonding.

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Authors: REBIZANT J, JRC Karlsruhe Estab, (DE);SPIRLET M, Université de Liège au Sart Tilman, Liège (BE);VAN DEN BOSSCHE G, Université de Liège au Sart Tilman, Liège (BE);GOFFART J, Université de Liège au Sart Tilman, Liège (BE)
Bibliographic Reference: Article: Acta Cryst. Vol. C44 (1988), pp. 1710-1712
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