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Roughness measurements were carried out in 12 institutes and at 3 contact stylus instrument makers in 9 countries of the EC. The objects to be measured were: one calibration standard, three PTB roughness standards with irregularly ground profiles and four étalons de rugosité LCA with turned profiles. A wide variety of measuring equipment was used. The groove depths were measured on the calibration standard. On the roughness standards, the arithmetical mean deviation R(a), the average peak-to-valley height R(z) and the maximum peak-to-valley height R(max) were measured under well-defined conditions of measurement according to DIN 4768, sheet 1. The survey of the 375 measurement results shows that the deviations from the reference values lie within the following ranges: Calibration standard: +- 6.5% PTB roughness standards: +- 10 % Etalons de rugosité: +- 15 % This is the first extensive international intercomparison in the field of roughness measurement which has furnished such good results. A detailed analysis of the technical details of the instruments used indicates systematic differences in the measurement of small R(z) values.

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Authors: HILLMANN W, Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt, Braunschweig (DE)
Bibliographic Reference: EUR 12180 EN (1989) MF, 64 pp., ECU 4, blow-up copy ECU 8.75
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