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In the field of alternative energy supply sources, Agip Nucleare has built a desalination plant which uses a conventional process, namely Multistage Flash Distillation (MSF), fuelled by solar energy. The aim was to obtain operating and running data for the design of a small-capacity system capable of satisfying the drinking water needs of small communities in isolated areas. The plant is located on the island of Lampedusa which receives a significant amount of solar radiation and is characterized by environmental conditions common to the The project has been implemented by Agip S.p.A. with financial assistance from the EEC. Design and construction of the installation was performed by Jacocorossi, Rome, while the experimental work was carried out by CSEI of Bari. The programme was completed in the period from March 1980 to October 1981. The investigations performed indicated satisfactory performance of the MSF desalinator, but the maintenance demands were extremely heavy and the desalinator is now in a condition that makes its reuse completely uneconomic. The trials run on the solar unit, instead, indicate the excellent characteristics of this.

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