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This volume contains progress papers in atmospheric ozone research which were presented at the Quadrennial Ozone symposium held in Greece from 3 to 7 September, 1984. These papers are grouped in nine chapters corresponding to the nine sessions of the symposium. Chapter 1, entitled: Chemical radiative-dynamical model calculations, includes results from recent developments in modeling techniques. Chapter 2 includes recent results on the climatic effects of secular changes in trace species as estimated from one- dimensional model calculations with radiative - convective adjustments and fixed cloudiness. Chapter 3 includes the results of measurements on key stratospheric constituents obtained by different observational systems in ground based, balloon, rocket and satellite experiments. Chapter 4 deals with the analyses of ozone observations from various data sets and on various time scales. Chapter 5 includes recent developments in observational techniques and begins with the implementation of a 7- station network of automated Dobson spectrophotometers which will allow routine measurements of the ozone vertical profile using the Umkehr technique for the purpose of detection of long term ozone trends in the 40 km altitude range. Chapter 6 includes studies concerned with the interaction of ozone and circulation using ozone and temperature data derived from satellites and/or the Global Air Sampling Program (GASP). Chapter 7 contains new results and recommendations concerning the ultraviolet absorption cross-section of ozone. Chapter 8 begins with results of recent measurements of solar spectral irradiance from Solar Mesosphere Explorer (SME) satellite. Various aspects of solar activity and ozone variations are also discussed including the evidence of a short period (27 days) and long period solar cycle relationship between solar UV and ozone. The last chapter deals with recent results on the processes governing the background ozone concentration in the troposphere.

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